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Code Name Blue is coming




8/29 まちどおしいですね。。。


889 9191!!!!(はやくこいこい。。。当たりますか?)






Code Name Blue is coming 

Everyone? I'm JungShin.

Have you seen the photo at Shibuya?
Wooooooooo? It's exciting...
I can't wait till 29th Aug...
You can't wait, too?
889 9191!!!! (Hayaku koikoi: Early, come come... is it correct?)
I saw this on internet... kikiki
Anyway... 4649* 
Ah! I... got a haircut.
How is it?

note: 4649 can be read Yoroshiku, which means support us, thank you

full translation credit to happytmg@twitter
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[EVENT] JungShin Chingu Birthday Bash


Calling for Malaysian BOICE!!! 

Our JungShin Chingu birthday is just around the corner..
Check out the details as below 

Date: 22 September 2012
Venue: TGI Friday One Utama
Time: 12 noon onwards
Fee: Depend on the menu chosen
  • Lunch
  • JungShin birthday celebration
  • Birthday video msg for Jung Shin
  • Photo session

As this will be our last birthday celebration for 2012, we plan to have extra celebration after TGI Friday event...

Kindly find extended celebration details as below

Date: 22 & 23 September 2012
Venue: One World Hotel
Time: 3.30 pm onwards
Fee: RM 40 per person (cover room, prizes & door gift) Payment due on 15 September 2012.


  • Check in
  • Deco deco slot
  • CNBLUE pop quiz
  • CNBLUE I am ground game
  • CNBLUE Variety show
  • CNBLUE guessing game
  • Message for CNBLUE
  • Furthermore let’s have Boice chit chat session until us pengsan... 
If you wanna join both or either one please rsvp your spot by:
PM Sarifah Sanusi @ her FB with details below:
-Full name
-FB id
-Which event you would like to join
-Phone no
Click here and click "JOIN" 
Rsvp will be close on 15 September 2012

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[Video] 20120818_Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launching show in Seoul with Stars!


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