[Twitter] Yonghwa Promoting Juniel While Enjoying His Holiday


I guess it's Emotional Angels' time to SMILE LIKE AN IDIOT while sitting in front of your laptop/pc or maybe to those whose twitter-ing thru phone. Uri leader tweeted! 

오늘 티저는 잘 보셨나요? 주니엘과 함께하는 음악여행의 완결판도 공개될 예정이니까 다들 기대하세요 !ㅋㅋㅋ 그동안 이거 보면서 기다려주세요!ㅋㅋㅋ저는 요즘 단란한 휴가를 즐기고있습니다..풋…ㅋㅋ요즘날씨가좋군요~~^^ 여러분~~~!조만간빨리뵙고싶어요!!! ㅜㅠㅠ

Did you guys watched the teaser today? The best of Juniel's musical journey has been released, everyone please don't miss it! kkk Meanwhile, please watch this...kkk. Nowadays I'm enjoying my holiday. The weather was so nice these days~~^^ Everyone~~~! I can't wait to meet you guys soon!!! ㅠㅠ

p/s: what say u guys bout this song? Naissss one rite. Choowaaaaa.

Source : @CNBLUE_4 twitter
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[News] CNBlue Boasts Great Teamwork + Jung Yong Hwa Likes to Gossip?!


CNBlue revealed their great teamwork during a recent interview with lifestyle magazine “At Style.” The members boasted, “We’re probably the no. 1 team where all the members have a great relationship with each other out of all the existing idol groups.” They continued, “We’ve been with each other for four years, but we have never fought.”

According to the boys, each member has his own room in the dorm. However, they all crowd in Lee Jung Shin’s room to chat after they finish their work. Even when they shared each other’s weaknesses, they proved their strong friendship as they jokingly discussed it. Kang Min Hyuk stated, “Jung Yong Hwa talks too much, even when his throat hearts,” revealing the fact that Jung Yong Hwa was a chatterbox. Jung Yong Hwa amusingly responded, “Are you saying that I’m noisy?!”

Unfortunately, Lee Jong Hyun had to leave the interview earlier than others to film his upcoming drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” starring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul. In his absence, the remaining CNBlue members spilled more secrets and gossips about Lee Jong Hyun.
CNBlue is featured in the June issue of “At Style,” which will go on sale May 21.  

p/s: Looking forward for Jonghyun appearance in AGD. Are you guys having that dugeun-dugeun feels? Don't forget our date with COLIN starting from 26th May. *wink* 

Credits to : astar1 | @hotshotlover30 via soompi
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[teaser] JUNIEL 1st mini Album [바보] feat Yonghwa (CNBLUE)


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