[Twitter] Jonghyun's Selca on His Birthday


안녕하세요. 기타치는 종현입니다. 오늘은 무슨 날? 다들 아실거라 믿고 긴말은 안하겠습니다. 참 즐거운 날이네요^^

Hello, i'm guitarist Jonghyun! What day is today? I believe everyone know, so will not told you in long words. Today is a damn lucky day. ^^

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[Photo] Happy Birthday to Our Burning Lee Jonghyun


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[Video] K - Colors of Korea Ear Fun Interview with CNBLUE


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The music market of Korea has many bands to offer and the amount of groups which debut increases each and every year. However bands which make rock music and play their own instruments at the same time are really rare. CNBLUE who are signed under FNC Entertainment started to find their way into the Korean market in the beginning of 2010. But prior to their debut in Korea they already released two mini- albums and earned some attention through street concerts. Jung Yonghwa, leader of the 4-member band helped the band to leverage in Korea through his role in the really successful drama “You’re beautiful”.

“I’m A Loner” ignited their career on January 14th,2010. In Korea five CDs followed and 9 CDs in Japan which can be added to their portfolio. Their style is Pop-rock – a little bit harder for the Japanese market, a little bit more soft for the Korean fans. With this blend they were able to win a lot of prizes (e.g. “Best Rookie” and “Best Band Performance” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards) and expand their fanbase beyond the barriers of Asia. Their concerts in Japan are sold out on a regular basis and the concert in the USA which was held in 2012 along with their labelmates FTISLAND was also a big hit.

“Ear Fun” is the name of the latest album of CNBLUE and with the CD they show what it takes to have maintain their spot. Of course the success of a band is measured by the amount of sold CDs, charts positions and awards which could be claimed. CNBLUE are able to provide all that but to be able to impress and inspire years- there has got to be more. Fun with the music. Having fun spending nights at the studio together and to practice weeks with only little sleep and stand on stage every single day. CNBLUE succeeds to convey the feeling, that they love what they do and that they were born rock.

Maybe they will reach Europe with the K-pop wave soon. The international fans are waiting for them and in the interview CNBLUE also told K-Colors of Korea that they also hope to get the chance to conquer the stages of Europe soon. When they have reached this goal, they are certainly able to fulfill their other dream: to top the billboard charts with their own song.

K-Colors of Korea will gladly accompany them on this journey.

© Text: Esther Klung, Translation: Park Yeeun, Kim Dinh

Please take out with full credit.

Source : K-Colors of Korea

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Lee Jonghyun Birthday Party Celebration


Date: 19/5/2012
Venue: RedBox The Curve
Time: 2PM-6PM
Theme: Blue & White
Fees: RM35

Confirmation Date: 16/05/2012 @11.00 am
Email to: jufa_dilla@yahoo.com.my/PM @fb Jufadilla Jamaldin
Payment on event day itself.

-Karaoke ( Cn Blue songs)
-Celebrate Jonghyun Birthday
-Group Photo Session
-Signature session for JongHyun Birthday card (this card I'll post to FNC on 21/05/2012 together with beday party photo)

p/s- for those who have Blish, dont forget to bring it..^^
    - anyone who want to bring any cn blue stuff, also can..^^

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