[ARTICLE] World Grows Smaller for Boyband CNBLUE


Since their 2009 debut in Korea, CNBLUE have been one of the few rock bastions in the ultra-competitive local music scene dominated by danceable electro-pop.

Their lasting success has comforted some about the continuing mainstream appeal of rock, while detractors have accused them of packaging innocuous poppy sounds, even calling them a “fake band.”

At a recent interview with the four members, front man Jung Yong-hwa, bassist Lee Jung-shin, guitarist Lee Jong-hyun and drummer Kang Min-hyuk, seemed to weigh in little on the controversy, which has been their biggest asterisk since they began.

Rather than theorizing or rationalizing about their career, the barely 20-somethings reveled in it with ample humility. Sometimes, even they were at a loss to describe the reason behind their success.

“Compared to when we were touring (East) Asia with the single ‘Love,’ (from their second EP ‘Bluelove’) nowadays K-pop is riding on a much bigger wave,” said Jung, adding that their audience and fan base have expanded thanks to the collective expansion of Korean pop music in the last year. “The stages are bigger for us. Most of our fans used to be in their 30s or 40s; now we have more in their 20s or younger.”

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[Video] My Husband Got a Family Episode 07 – MinHyuk cut (Indonesian subtitle)


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[SCAN|TRANS]CNBLUE Moment Vol.3 in “Steady” Magazine May Edition


Today is been a long while day off….

“What will you do now?”

YONGHWA – “It may be serious but I want to compose songs

「I want time to make more music! Even if I would spend a time with a girlfriend, I won’t let go of the guitar. And also I would like to go and watch a movie. At that time, will watch the latest and most talk of the town. Though I can hardly get a proper day off, I will do my best if I can secure even just a sleep. Sleeping is the best stress-relieving method.」

JONGHYUN – “Leisurely, I want to listen to music in my room.”

「I can’t hardly make time to do the cleaning. So I want to clean my room. If I would have a girlfriend, though I would feel sorry for her, if she could help I will be happy. For me, it would be the best day off, listening to music, do the practicing in a cleaned room. It’s an effective way to make use of a day off, right? (laugh). Practicing while I’m on a day off, earnest….. But anyway, right now doing music is the best!」

MINHYUK – “How about spending time freely and have fun together with others?”

「Even during my day off, I often spend most of it with members. I like lively and fun time. Relaxation is playing baseball, which is my hobby. If I would have time, I think I want to workout. Though drum is enough, I already make my body move (laugh). A sport is also a different thing, though. Also, sometimes I’m absorb in games, so I’m trying to divide my on and off time.」

JUNGSHIN – “I want to cook and watch DVD”

「When I’m alone, the moment I have the time I would think “I want to sleep” (laugh). If I would have a girlfriend, I want to cook, eat then watch DVD together leisurely. It is my ideal way of spending a day off. If its already been late at night, I’ll take her home! My day off usually end up only on sleeping, so I want to avoid this kind of habit.」

Translations & scan credit: bluenabluena , cnbluefanfun

source: steady magazine may edition

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[Video] 120409 Kimchi Fan Club with CNBLUE Cut


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[SCAN|TRANS] CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary #22 - “Encounter / Parting”


出会い / 別れ

【Encounter / Parting】

Speaking of spring it is a season of “Encounter” and of “Farewell/Parting”.

It is not too much to say that LIFE is a repetition of it.

Tried to strike this word to CNBLUE who have lots of day-to-day experience of “encounter” and of “farewell/parting”

YONGHWA - “Once, Twice”

I think it is really a sad thing, to think that a just once encounter can never be happened twice.

JONGHYUN - “Growth”

I remembered the times when we did street live performances.

At that time, there are several encounter, tens of times, also hundreds of times in a day, but then there was a parting.

While we are chasing for our dreams, those people who’s watching us, lea

ve a memory that makes us continue doing live that we wanted.

I think the reason why we have grown this far, because of that encounter and the parting.

JUNGSHIN – “Flowing Water”

Flowing water continually flows while bumping into stones. Encounters and Parting it’s like the same.

MINHYUK – “One way passage”

When there is an encounter, parting comes over by all means.

And after the parting, there is a reunion or a new encounter comes.

And in encounters, I think there is no one way passage, it is everything in this world.

Source : Pati-Pati Magazine May Edition

Translations by cnbluefanfun

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[Video] 120415 KBS Drama My Husband Got a Family Ep 16 Kang Minhyuk Cut


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[Article] CNBLUE Minhyuk compliments Yonghwa’s buttocks


The members of CNBLUE guested on the April 14th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘ Entertainment Relay‘ where Minhyuk complimented Yonghwa's exceptional buttocks.

The boys participated in the show’s guerrilla date segment and sat down for an interview with MC Kim Saeng Min. When asked to name the member that has the best body, Minhyuk replied without hesitation, “It’s Yonghwa hyung.”

Yonghwa explained, “I’m working out so that I can bulk up for my future girlfriend.”

Minhyuk continued the praise by adding, “He has an awesome hip line!” Yonghwa protested, “He keeps talking about my butt on TV lately so fans have been staring at it a lot more. It’s really uncomfortable.”

Jonghyun chimed in, “Minhyuk’s butt is completely flat.” Despite the laughter that ensued, Minhyuk marched on with the topic by concluding, “Yonghwa hyung’s butt is lively; that’s why I like it!”

Source & Image: OSEN
Translation by VITALSIGN@allkpop
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[Article] CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk Kissing Scene in KBS Drama My Husband Got a Family E


CNBLUE's Minhyuk, charmed viewers with his kiss scene on the April 14th episode of KBS's weekend drama, ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly' also known as 'My Husband Got a Family'.

After displaying his ‘manner skinship’ with co-star Oh Yeon Seo on last week's episode , Minhyuk (playing the role of Cha Sekwang) took things a step further by kissing Yeon Seo.

Oh Yeon Seo’s character and Minhyuk setup a meeting and upon Minhyuk’s arrival, instead of entering the building, Minhyuk asks Yeon Seo to come outside in the rain. Minhyuk was quite cold to Yeon Seo and asks her how she’s going to get home, by bus or taxi. Yeon Seo was quite upset at this and asks Minhyuk why he’s playing around with her. While shouting out her rant, Minhyuk decides to kiss her. The kiss surprises Yeon Seo and Minhyuk says that their relationship is now sealed due to the kiss.

Source : Amy@allkpop

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[News] Ticket Purchase for 1st Fanmeeting + Seating Plan


Hello fans,
Here is an announcement from FNC MUSIC related to ticket purchase for CNBLUE 1st fan meeting [BOICE DAY] on May 5th.

[Fan Meeting Details]
Date: 5 PM, May 5th, 2012
Location: The Great Hall (Daegangdang) at Yonsei University
Organizer: FNC

[Accreditation of Fan Club Membership]
... This CNBLUE 1st fan meeting [BOICE DAY] is only open to the fan club members. Hence Purchasing tickets is available through accreditation of fan club membership.

[Ticket Purchase]
Membership Accreditation Period: 6 pm, April 13th, 2012 ~
Website: YES 24
Fan Club Purchase URL :

Ticket sales opening date: 8pm, April 17th, 2012
Ticket price: KRW 33,000

[Accreditation Process]
1) Signing in on YES 24
2) Please go through the accreditation process first on the ticket purchase site to make the whole process easier.
(Make sure your personal information is the same as the ones used for the official website) Name/E-mail Address/Cell phone number
#. For the members who have not registered name, email address, and cell phone number, and also the ones who cannot do the accreditation, please contact us to 02-517-5426 or fncmusic2@hanmail.net

1) Per one user name, you can only go through the accreditation process.
2) There will be legal procedures when it is found that others' name, e-mail address and the cell phone number were used.
3) If you have any problems with accreditation process, please contact 02-517-5426 (extension 2 or 3), or fncmusic2@hanmail.net

▶ Attention for Ticket Purchase
- This ticket purchase is open to members who were registered and made membership payment before midnight April 5th.
- Before the accreditation, log on the official website (www.cnblue.co.kr), and confirm your name, email and cell phone number at My info.
- After a certain period and the payment is not made, the purchase becomes automatically cancelled.
- If you log on to YES 24, you can only go through the accreditation process once but the username does not have to match the person who is doing the accreditation.
- The official members' accreditation is available until May 5th.

▶ Attention for Foreign Fans
1. Please click this following link (외국인 전용 페이지)
2. There is no signing procedure. Type in your email and password and go through the fan club accreditation process with your name, e-mail address and your cell phone number.
3. Next time you log in, you do not need to do the accreditation process anymore.
4. You can start purchasing tickets after 8 pm, Tuesday, April 17th, 4/17(화), One ticket per person

Thank you BOICE fans for showing interests in CNBLUE 1st fan meeting
Thank you.

Cr : CNBLUE facebook

(cr: JYH DC )

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[PHOTOS] 20120416 CNBLUE- filming CF for Olive Young


 more CJ Olive Young mans........

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