[VIDEO] 120414 Music Core CNBLUE "Hey You" Performance


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[Article] CNBLUE and FT Island Talk About Education and Charity Work


Members of CNBLUE and FT Island, which are signed under the same entertainment agency, are currently attending school through Kyunghee Cyber University. The groups’ agency revealed that due to the fact that the groups have tight schedules both in South Korea and other countries, the members use their tablets or mobile phones to study for their university programs.

Additionally, the members are active in supporting the concept of "helping and sharing" as advocated by their university. To raise money on the internet for students that come from a poor family, they voluntarily lend their talents as well as assist with funding scholarships.

The members revealed, "Through the charity work and learning on the internet, we are able to use a warm heart and an open-mind to view the world. We are hoping that through these activities we are able to contribute to helping students facing difficulties and others in need."

Source : Korea Star Daily
Translation by Koreaboo
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[Article] CNBLUE Yonghwa - Types of Sunbaes that Girls Most Want


A post on an online blog titled, “Types of Sunbaes Girls Most Want” is recently receiving attention from netizens. “Sunbae refers to people who are older in school and therefore, have more academic and general life experience. This word also applies in the workplace.

The post listed the types of sunbaes that girls consider their ideal, such as Yoo Ah In, who was described as, “the guy who parties hard, but seems to always be at the top of his class.” Other ideal types included Song Joong Ki, who was described as, “the sunbae who helps with assignments,” Park Yoochun, who was the type of guy who, “would buy lunch for his younger classmates and would offer rides,” and Jung Yong Hwa, “the sunbae who would teach me how to play the guitar.”

Also included in the list were Hyun Woo, who was described to be “the cute sunbae,” and Joo Sang Wook, who was the type of sunbae who would be chosen by the professor to a teaching assistant.

Many netizens commented, “If I had these sunbaes, I would keep going to school for the rest of my life!”

Do the sunbae-types match the celebrities? Who else would make the perfect sunbae?

Cr : soompi

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[Twitter] 120414 Twitter Update - Yonghwa Tweeted About Sekwang (Minhyuk's Character)


안녕하세요 용화에요! 요즘 세광앓이중. 저요!

Translation :-

Hello, it's me Yonghwa! Nowadays it's all about Segwang, "Me!"

*"Me!" was Minhyuk's dialog when he out his fingers up. LOL

Source : CNBLUE Twitter

Translation by fizzy@cnbluestorm

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[Video] 120412 Star King CNBLUE Yonghwa and Jungshin Cut


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[Video] 120414 KBS Entertainment News Guerilla Date with CNBLUE


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[Video] 120412 Star King CNBLUE Yongwha and Jungshin with Busan Girl Cut


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[Video] 120414 KBS Drama My Husband Got a Family Ep 15 Kang Minhyuk Cut


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[Video+Trans] 120413 CNBLUE at Super Junior's Kiss the Radio


Rough full translations
Notes: it's not 100% accurate

DJs: Super Junior's Ryeowook (RW) and Sungmin (SM)

Each member greeted the listeners and introduced themselves.

Start at 1:33
SM: Recently, YH was called a “totally arrogant man”. Are you a totally arrogant man?
YH: In music/TV programs, fans always said something like “Oppa you’re very cool/ handsome." Recently a few other fans called me “totally arrogant man,” I feel amazed to hear those words.
Then DJs teased him and YH said he really wanted to become a totally arrogant man.
SM: YH was called like that, what about the rest? Let's start with MH.
SM: How about “perfect beautiful boy?”
YH: I guess they may call MH “….Boy” (hard to listen) and the rest laughed and agreed with that. YH also said he is “Bright Eye Boy”
SM said he always met JH at SuJu’s dorm and that sometimes JH fixed SM’s guitar. All members were surprised and said they didn’t know about this. DJs said they feel JH and KyuHyun’s appearance look quite similar but JH is more handsome.
JS said he was “interesting boy”. DJs asked MH whether JS is really interesting and MH answers that JS was more interesting than MH though.
YongHwa complimented about SJ members' voice.
SM said he listened to CNBlue’s new single “Hey You” when he was in Japan and he listened to it many times.
CNBLUE came back after one year and YH said during that time, they had an Asian tour and promoted in Japan. SM asks if they have any interesting experience. JH told about their performance in the USA. They felt so happy and surprised when many fans welcomed them there. YH said he wanted to sing all CNBlue’s songs for their fans.
SM: What message did you want to send through Hey you?
MH said Hey You is their title song. It is an emotional song and the melody is strong. It’s a special song. They also said Hey You is the only song YH didn’t take part in on this mini album. Although they didn’t have any activities in Korea for one year, they still received big love from fans and they’re very touched.

=======================Hey you========================

SM: Jung YongHwa’s voice is very good .
YH: Thank you.
SM: I like it. I like this kind of voice.
YH: Thank you so much.
Like other idol bands, CNBLUE also released mini albums in Japan. YH and MK said the song they like best in album is In My Head. YH said “In My Head” is their first major debut single in Japan so it is very meaningful with them.
SM: Because YH composed and wore lyrics for In My Head, so that is there anything related between lyrics and YH’s real experience?
YH: “In my head” told about my ambitions with CNBLUE
SM: It isn’t love, is it?
YH: It didn’t talk about love
* RW: Which song is a love song?
CNBLUE members: “Still in love” is.
SM: Who composed this song?
CNBLUE members: YH hyung.
SM: What's this song about?
YH: Deeply in love, then breaking up, can't sleep every night... Like a story of a man who has experienced those feelings.
RW: About who? About who? Is it about Seohyun-ssi?
[Everyone laughs knowingly]
YH: Ah, no, it has been one year since I divorced Seohyun-ssi (smile)
SM: So you wrote the song at that time?
YH: No, I didn’t. I wrote this song recently.
SM: Although you had activities in Japan, you still composed songs.
YH: In Japan, we practice a lot. Because in Japan, we were an Indie-band so we played music in clubs in Japan.
Then YH talked about fan club tour recently. It was so fun because the audience was very near. YH approached the audience closely, but he was so surprised because the fans started to touch his body. But then he thought a rockstar couldn’t be surprised with such a thing and restrained his body (LOL)

=========================In My Head====================

DJ teased YH about his first kiss. YH kissed a girl for the first time in his 3rd year in middle school.
@13:52 They moved on to the next part called “CNBLUE’s Glory”.

Each member had to pick one member they thought as the most handsome.
JS chose YH, while YH chose MH. YH and DJ said that MH is cute. JH chose JS. SM chose JH and he said 'thank you.'

Next question is “Who is worse looking than you?”
MH chose JS then JS immediately chose MH.
JH: JS (immediately)
YH: I am not joking, I really mean it, Jungshin.
RW said he thought JS is more beautiful than handsome. YH said he was envious with JS’s charming side.

SM: You think when were you most handsome?
JH: When I appear in music shows.

RW: When seeing a woman which part will u look at first?
JS: The eyes first.
YH: Gorgeous face. I used to look into girl’s eyes first but recently I change into gorgeous face/oriental girl.
RW: Like Seohyun?
YH: Ehhhhhh? We divorced.
JH: Cat look alike face (then DJs teased and showed JH about their staff girl who looked like this =)) )
MH: The eyes
All: don’t lie
MH: Really, character …
All: "What about appearance?" - And keep teasing MinHyuk

RW: CNBLUE members also acted in dramas right?
YH said that JS has not yet but he had already acted in 4minute’s MV. His character in this MV was a bad boy. YH acted in 2 dramas, You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings. MH said he was acting in a KBS weekend drama while JH finished his first scene for his drama. He was really very nervous but he felt acting is very interesting.
Then they spoke a bit about JS’s modeling. YH said he went to see JS’s fashion show once and he felt that JS was very different.

===============You’ve Fallen For Me=================

YH teased JS about his pronunciation when he (JS) sings You’ve Fallen For Me in their concert.

@23:45 They were talking about words they want people to search about CNBLUE.
JS: “CNBLUE + live performance videos”. He wanted many people to search this word and watched them.
YH: “CNBLUE world tour by private jet”
MH: "CNBLUE at Billboard chart."
Suddenly Jonghyun shouted, "Ah jenjang (damm it)!" JH said “damn” since MH said the same answer as his.
JH: Then “CNBLUE and Space Conquer” - but other boys didn’t think it was funny ;;)
DJ: "You may choose word you want which are related to you personally."
JH, "I want to see this news title, 'Lee JongHyun completed his first drama, 'The Gentleman's Dignity' successfully. This time they praised him
At the end of the show, JH suddenly said to the DJs that he will think about better words and e-mail to this program. Everyone laughed out a lot.

Then they moved on to CNBLUE’s favorite song topic.
MH: The Fray - Never Say Never, one of Transformers' OSTs.
JH : I like John Mayer - Belief.
YH: Recently I always listen to Oasis - Super Sonic.
JS: Me, Elephants - Rachael Yamagata.
Then they played a game call “Kal-pal-pok” to choose one song to broadcast on radio. JS won.

=================Elephants - Rachael Yamagata====================

"Today was so much fun. Our stress was relieved thanks to this program. It’s time to say good bye."
Members expressed their thanks to DJs and kept joking around again.
MH said he had a fun time and thanked the two DJs. JH thanked the DJs because they made him feel comfortable. YH and JS also thanked them for the exciting time they had.
Finally CNBLUE’s ending kiss ^^

=================Still In Love====================

Source: http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/coolfm/kiss/bora/index.html
. Jennie,Faith, Hannah @cnblu4u.com
. Rib @cnblue4u.com , Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1514464937?pn=7
Edit: Hannah and Azure

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[Audio+Download] 120413 CNBLUE - KBS COOL FM Super Junior Kiss the Radio


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