CNBLUE won 1st prize with their 3rd Mini Album [EAR FUN] Title 'Hey you' at M count down 5th April 2012.

We are sharing our picture of cheerful moment!
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Source : CNBLUE Facebook Page
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[VIDEO] CNBLUE 20120405 Mnet M! Countdown Hey You Performance + #1 Winning Speech


[MQ] Hey You Performance cut

[MQ] #1 Winning Speech Cut

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[Twitter] 5.4.2012 MinHyuk tweet with MCD trophy thanking Boices


[MinHyuk tweet]
1위!! 일년만에 나온 앨범임에도 불구하고 큰 사랑주셔서 감사합니다! 앞으로도 Hey you 많이 사랑해주세요 BOICE 최고^^

First place!! Thank you for giving us so much love despite the album being released after a year! Please continue to give Hey You lots of support, BOICE are the best^^

Source: @Twitter
Translated by: gera@cnbluestorm
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[News] CNBLUE clinches an endorsement deal with ‘CJ Olive Young’


CNBLUE has landed a new endorsement deal as beauty models for ‘CJ Olive Young’, a brand that specializes in health and beauty distribution.

Officials of ‘CJ Olive Young’ were reportedly impressed with the individuality each of the four boys possessed and their unique sense of style that fit right in with the brand’s push for trendy lifestyle fashion.

The director of the marketing team explained, “With a bright, youthful image as their base, the four members each possess a unique color all their own, which is what we believe is their biggest charm.”

TV CFs will begin airing this month, and the boys will start promoting as endorsement models.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate
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[EVENT] Making Your Own 'Hey you' MV


Hello my fellows BOICE.

FNC has open an event for BOICE to makes your own "Hey You" music video!

For more details, you can check the event here .

Lets spread the words!

Source : CNBLUE Official Facebook Fanpage
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