CNBLUE shares their thoughts on their comeback


While rock band CNBLUE is back and running with their third EP Ear Fun, the band recently shared their newly found passion for music and the difficulties they faced while making their latest project come into fruition.

We went back to our old motto of just having fun,” says leader Jung Yonghwa on their comeback stage, “I think that was one of the many reasons as to why we were able to comfortably stand on stage

We decided to stop our obsession with chart positions and such,” continued Yonghwa, “Right now, being out there and playing music is our focus.”

To be honest, we each had our own personal struggles to deal with while we were making this album,” says drummer Kang Minhyuk, “But our music helped us forget all of that and got us where we are now

Meanwhile, CNBLUE’s Ear Fun has achieved both commercial and critical acclaim, selling over 40, 000 copies just after its release.

Source and image: NaverNews
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