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Set list- One time(short), In my head, Hey you, Tatoo (encore), Love(double encore). 

Yonghwa's voice condition was perfect.
Yonghwa wore leather pants, white shirt and black necktie.
As always, he sweated like waterfall. His sweat was flowing on his back like waterfall.

Yonghwa shouted, screamed and whispered. He almost blew out the KBS hall.

At Tatoo, Jungshin, Yonghwa and Jonghyun stood in circle, played their instruments crazily.
At climax, Yonghwa stood on his knees, bent his waist back, almost lied down on the floor, doing head banging.
I hope this scene is aired on TV.

Yonghwa complained his leather pants became too sweaty, he said it made him go mad :D

After the first encore song Tatoo, the audience's response was too hot, they kept shouting 'Encore'.
Yonghwa begged the director for one more song. 

After the ending of Tatoo, the hall was filled with guys' Ohhhhh~ sound. Then those guys began to shout 'Encore!'
It was like they were in military camp. :D

// KBS Sketchbook is aired on this Friday! Mar.30 11:55pm~
Only 2 songs or maximun 3 song will be aired. (sad)

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[Video] 2012.03.26 Enjoy Launch Party for Ear Fun - Still In Love "LIVE!"


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