[Photos] CNBLUE & FT ISLAND M-Stand Up Live Official Photos

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Photos:  Official Facebook CNBLUE & FT ISLAND
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[Photos] CNBLUE Bang Bang Spring Catalogue 2012


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[Photos] CNBLUE Bang Bang Catalogue Sketch


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[INTERVIEW] CNBLUE and FT Island ‘Stand Up by M Live’ Press Conference


FT Island and CNBLUE shared about their music and regarding their upcoming concert at a press conference on March 8 at Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles.

The joint concert will take place at the Nokia Theater on March 9 at 8PM PST.

The Nokia Theater is a venue that holds more than 7,000 seats where artists like Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, the Eagles, and Duran Duran have performed.

CNBLUE Leader Jung Yong Hwa shared, “To perform in America is like a dream come true. It’s really an honor to hold the concert with our name,” before the concert.

“If we enjoy what we do, the audience will enjoy watching the performance and it will be a great show.” he added confidently.

Kang Min Hyuk said, “Our strength is that we have not yet set out to any particular genre. Therefore we would like to perform more variety of music,” sharing his ambitions.

”I’ve been to a lot of countries but it’s all about the music. Language is no longer a barrier,” Yonghwa explained.

Lee Jung Shin added, “There were also a lot of songs that we have performed in English in Japan. We have prepared a lot of songs in English so it will not be difficult for us to communicate with the American audience.”

The confidence is also did not differ for FTIsland as well.

Lee Hongki said, “It will be a fun, joyful and relaxing performance. We will make the night a memorable one.”

“When we go to other countries the method to accommodate music is way a bit different but in the end good music will get the recognition it deserves,” Lee Jae Jin added.

FTIsland and CNBLUE both did not hide their desire for the large music industry of America.

Lee Hongki shared, “I wanted to study music in America,” while Jung Yong Hwa added, “It is our dream to be #1 on Billboard chart.”

FT Island dan CNBLUE berkongsi tentang muzik mereka dan juga konsert mereka yang akan datang di satu sidang media pada 8 Mac di Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles.

Konsert itu akan diadakan di Nokia Theater pada 9 Mac, 8 malam PST.

Nokia Theater merupakan tempat di mana artis-artis seperti Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, the Eagles dan Duran-Duran pernah membuat persembahan dan boleh memuatkan lebih 7,000 penonton.

Ketua CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa, berkongsi, "Membuat persembahan di America bagaikan mimpi yang menjadi kenyataan. Ia merupakan penghargaan yang sangat besar bagi kami," sebelum konsert tersebut.
"Jika kami terhibur dengan apa yang kami lakukan, penonton juga akan terhibur menonton persembahan kami dan ia akan menjadi satu persembahan yang hebat" dia menambah dengan yakin.

Kang Min Hyuk pula berkongsi cita-citanya, "Kekuatan kami adalah kami belum lagi menetapkan muzik kami kepada genre yang tertentu. Jadi, kami mahu menunjukkan kepelbagaian dalam persembahan kami,"

"Saya pernah melawat banyak negara tetapi semuanya tentang muzik. Bahasa bukan lagi penghalang," jelas Yonghwa.

Lee Jung Shin menambah, "Ada banyak lagu yang telah kami persembahkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris di Jepun. Kami telah menyediakan banyak lagu-lagu dalam Bahasa Inggeris supaya senang untuk kami berkomunikasi dengan penonton di Amerika."

FT Island juga tidak kurang dengan keyakinan mereka.

Lee Hongki berkata, "Kami menjanjikan satu konsert yang seronok, gembira dan santai. Kami akan menjadikan ia satu kenangan yang tidak akan dilupakan."

"Bila kami ke negara-negara lain, kaedah untuk bermain muzik adalah berbeza, tetapi akhirnya, muzik yang bagus akan mendapat pengiktirafan yang selayaknya," Lee Jae Jin menambah.

FT Island dan CNBLUE tidak menyembunyikan keinginan mereka untuk berjaya dalam industri muzik yang besar di Amerika.

Lee Hongki berkongsi, "Saya mahu belajar muzik di Amerika," manakala Jung Yong Hwa pula menambah, "Impian kami adalah untuk mendapat #1 di Carta Billboard."

credit: kpopstarz.com
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INTERVIEW [Stand Up by M Live] Press Conference – We Asked, They Answered!


CNBSTORM: What did they feel when they arrived at LAX and there were still fans waiting for them there and greeting them? Was it a surprise that they also have American fans?
CNBLUE (YH):  We were on the plane for 12 hours so we did not expect any fans to be waiting. And we came out of the airport there were a lot of them, so we were really happy.
CNBSTORM: Will there be a song that they composed themselves in the new album?
CNBLUE (YH):  Of course.
CNBSTORM: Will that song be the title track?
CNBLUE (YH):  We have not decided the title track yet.
CNBSTORM: Since it’s a known fact that CNBLUE visits their Korean online cafes, such as DC Gallery, do you also visit English/international fan sites or news sites?  Are there any that come to mind?
CNBLUE (YH):  We know about their international fansites but we don’t know how to login. So, if you guys can teach us how to or give us logins, we will visit.
CNBSTORM does a shameless plug, “We are actually an open fanblog, so you can visit us anytime and leave a message there. It’s CNBLUESTORM.com”
CNBLUE (JS):  Oh, I know!  (with very animated face)

CNBSTORM:  Are you planning to live house tour similar to what you did in Japan?
CNBLUE (JH): Ah ha! (Like he knew what we were talking about, because the translator was kind of having trouble with that).

CNBLUE (JS):  “Yes, I want.”  (In English. With a slang twang.  The Shinglish.)
CNBLUE (YH):  We would really want to do a world tour (Vans) Warped Tour.
CNBSTORM:  Yonghwa mentioned in a Japanese magazine interview that he wanted to eat hamburgers and pizzas in LA. Did  you get to do that?
CNBLUE (YH) “I want to eat In-N-Out Burger” (in classic Yonglish.)
 CNBSTORM:  For this particular concert, can we expect a surprise, like a collaboration between you and FTISLAND or maybe a duet between Hong Ki and Yong Hwa?
CNBLUE (YH): “Secret” (again in Yonglish). You have to go to concert!
From the press conference, we can feel that the boys were really excited to be doing the concert with FTISLAND in Los Angeles.  They were very animated answering everyone’s questions at the press conference, and would love your support by way of attendance at their concerts (when you can), or by helping promote and let everyone know about CNBLUE!

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Coverage by:  Agent D & Yun (guest agent from Code Azzurro) via CNBLUESTORM
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