[Trans|Twitter] The Not-So-Complete Compilation of CNBLUE version of Picasso

Looks like the boys are having good time while practicing for their upcoming concert that will be held on 15th and 16th Dec. Yesterday it was Jonghyun, tweeted his Picasso-like drawing. And today, Jungshin showed us his art sense via twitter. 

Jonghyun's Tweet

안녕하세요. 기타치고 노래하는 종현입니다. 이거 제가그린건데 역시 그림은 어려운거같네요...세상엔 쉬운게 없습니다!! 눈길 조심하시구요! 콘서트때 만나요^^

Hello. It's guitarist cum singer Jonghyun here. I drew this, indeed drawing is not easy...nothing is this world is easy!! Careful with the heavy snow! Let's meet at the concert^^

Jungshin's Tweet

피카소를 연상케하는 걸작! 블루나잇에서 감상하실수있습니다! 12월 15,16일에 봬요!

The reminiscent of Picasso's masterpiece! Please look forward for our BLUE NIGHT! We'll meet you on 15,16 December!

p/s: PiccaYong and PiccaMin should by now getting ready with their masterpiece. LOL

Trans and Posted by :@norleecious of  cnbluebeat

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