[NEWS] CNBLUE Jong Hyun and Jung Shin say “We once had a fight”


CN Blue’s Jong Hyun and Jung Shin recently talked about the moment when they had a fight.
In the latest shooting of the next episode of SBS TV’s talk show Go Show, CN Blue appeared as guests and talked about their anecdotes under the subject of A Scent of Men.

While they were talking about manly charms, they said Jong Hyun and Jung Shin once had a fight in Nagoya, Japan.

It was the time when Jong Hyun and Jung Shin were very sensitive about their concert in Japan. They had a confrontation with each other because of their opposing opinions, and Jong Hyun called Jung Shin to the restroom five minutes before the concert began.

Jung Shin increased everyone’s curiosity about what happened between them by saying he could see Jong Hyun’s manly charms at the time.

Jong Hyun and Jung Shin also tested their strengths against each other, showing their high competitive spirits. The episode will air on December 14 at 11:05 p.m.

Source : TVreport
News Credit : korea.com
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