[NEWS] "My Daughter Seo Yeong" Sung Jae challenges himself to give out tampons and pads in the street..

Sung Jae (played by CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin) is given a challenge to give out people tampons and pads in the street.

In the episode of KBS2’s Saturday-Sunday series My Daughter Seo Yeong that aired on November 17, Sung Jae gives out passers-by tampons and pas in order to overcome his shyness character for his acting career.

Singing up a contract with an agency, Sung Jae gets an acting lesson. While reading a script, he feels shy and mutters, and his tutor gets mad.Sung Jae explains: “You keep staring at me, and that makes me feel stiff.” His tutor, Eun Soi roars: “If you want to be an actor, you should overcome this. Otherwise, you’ll never an actor.”Handing him a bunch of tampons and pads, Eun Soo tells Sung Jae, “Give these out to passers-by, and that’ll help you stop feeling stiff in front of people.”

Flustered by the tricky mission, Sung Jae says, “Yes, I’m a trainee, but I can’t do this. I can’s imagine giving out strangers tampons and pads.” Eun Soo shoots back, “These days, guys endorse women’s items.”

When Sung Hae won’t accept the mission, Eun Soo says, “Then, forget about being an actor. Don’t even dream.” Evoked by her harsh comment, Sung Jae finally heads out with a basket of tampons and pads. Hesitating for a long while, he carries out the mission, finding himself less nervous about the situation and strangers.

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