[Trans|Naver News] When Lee Jonghyun Talking About Collin (Part 2)

A taekwondo boy, young man from CNBLUE who’s doing Judo and now let’s meet Lee Jonghyun Collin’s mind. Undergoing the challenges, finally ‘that day’ has come. With all of this awkwardness, clumsiness but with sincerity, slowly Collin was accepted by people. From there on, he became a little greedy. Somehow, let’s not get in the way with his vow to reach “Collin who shine”. And his heart too, seems to mind. Whatever it is, Collin is Lee Jonghyun.

April 12th, was the 1st day of shooting AGD and I was eagerly anticipating it. It was at Itaewon Club and it was my first time meeting Kim Haneul sunbaenim. I couldn’t help my trembling heart as I saw her right in front of my eyes reporting on the filming set since I was very impressed with her acting in the movie, ‘My Tutor’.

On the other side, today is seriously the starting point and I’m holding on my heart and saying that I was prepared. Everything was in a different environment, unfamiliar ‘stage’, but thanks to the staff and sunbaenims, we were able to safely finish the first shoot. It seemed like I looked very awkward on TV when I act, but I pat myself saying “Slowly it will get better soon”. This was all from that day when I first ‘met’ Collin.

1. This Honor Again?
Rushed to shoot in earnest, I had to face one sunbaenim after another. Jang Donggun, Kim Hanuel, Kim Sooroo, Lee Jonghyuk, Park Joo Mi sunbaenims, etc. I only heard their name before, “Wow~” as much as I get very excited, it was so great to act together with these sunbaenims. Filming other than what was in the script and what we had practiced was almost impossible to me. From time to time, during the break the script was to unfold. The director sometimes changed the practice partner. For me, sometimes it was Jang Donggun sunbaenims, sometimes it was Meahri, who will be my partner. As usual in my head, it was all about Collin.

Details of each scene made easy by the sunbaenims as they offered to teach me during filming, since there are many unfamiliar and difficult scene. Thanks to the sunbaenims’ advices, I take it like a treasure.

Especially the gang of 4 gentlemen, these sunbaenims gave me tips on how to gaze, to control the voice tones and many more. They will be laughing at me when I’m being awkward. My first acting experience had given me a great strength, thanks to it.

When the drama was going towards the middle episodes, it was the time for me to act thoroughly. Facial expression, bitter-ish act, longing glaze were my entire part. When I was very worried on “how can I express what’s in Collin’s heart”, JDG sunbaenim gave a big help.
At this point, I don’t mind if I’m not comfortable, as long as I can grasp the scene. JDG sunbaenim will always reach out a hand for me. Sunbaenim’s character outside the drama is much cooler than what we see in the drama. He can be awarded as the best father on how he makes me feels like he’s my real father. One day JDG sunbaenim told me, “I wish my son, Junhyeok , will be like you”, and I was flattered. In fact, sunbaenim even asked me to call him ‘hyung’ instead of ‘sunbaenim’. He gave such a comfortable feeling and great joy. I was so fortunate to have him.

Kim Sooroo sunbaenim knows how to spread the happy virus to everyone and made us laugh. Thanks to sunbaenim that had made the atmosphere within the filming set always sparkling.

Next is, Kim Minjong sunbaenim. He can be describe as the warmth in the crystalline? He was the most famous among the staff and actors and always being nice. Choi Yun’s drama rate at 120%!! An attractive man, a man with an alluring aura. Lee Jonghyuk sunbaenim’s acting made known meticulously. He gave a very big help during the filming and I was always grateful.

I get along well with the four senior actors and also the crews. And not forgetting, Meahri!! The rush for me to shoot for the love line, made me worried although it was under my expectation but I didn’t make any preparation, but the supports from Choi Yoon-Meahri couple had shown me the way! Besides, Yoon Ji Yin is the same age as me. So, we had the cuteness of the scene that we had together. Haha. We both lightened up with our first drama.

I will always remember that “I got to be so wonderful and good to have be together with the actors”, thank you and I thank you.

2. My Appearance on TV
The shooting began about one month before the broadcast was supposed to start. "Ah~ now a lot of people will see my face." I'm shaking as I think about it again. The first AGD episode was aired on 26/5 at 9.55 pm. Even though I did not appear in the first episode, my heart is there. Haha. It was really fun because viewers were expecting to see how the story will unfold. 

And once again, it felt good and I am honored to be working and acting together with the sunbae actors and actresses. As viewers get more absorbed into the drama, my respect for them grew. 

Now that the show is airing, my heart is going 'dugeun degeun'. Half excited, half scared, I have found 'another me' in Collin.

I started to appear regularly in the drama starting from episode 3. Actually, CNBLUE members discuss with each other about the drama and they give comments. That hurts sometimes, but I am rather thankful. We're close, so they pointed things out honestly. Truthfully, that makes me work harder. It needs to be a great drama, so I am always nervous. Haha.

Anyway, it's painful. Ah~ rather than saying it's painful, I take those as advice. Criticism from viewers who had watched the drama. Of course, it's logical that I get such comments, so it has become a great help to me.

Thank you to everyone. For all the advices and criticism, I am thankful. From the advices given, I was able to see myself from a different angle and able to understand my feelings better.

Although it's difficult, I know that there are things that I regret. Instead, I'll keep up with my work and I'll do my best to deliver a good appearance someday, so just wait a little bit for it. Because there is no other way, I will work hard. 

In particular, I am stuck in between Dojin (played by JDG) and Yisoo (palyed by KHN), as 'love disrupter'. No wonder they hate me. Hahaha.

One thought after another came to me as we shoot the drama. "How is my performance?" My gratitude towards Collin, who beat the odd, grew gradually.
What more, my parents like the fact that Lee Jonghyun, by using the name Collin, is getting more famous. My mother hid me all these while because it was difficult to describe CNBLUE's Lee Jonghyun. Haha. However, now it's easier to explain by using 'Collin' and she's happy about it and I hope to make more effort in the future to make them proud to have me as a son.

I feel sad towards the end of the drama. Olympics Games broadcast had caused the drama to be postponed for a week and a thought came up that I wished the postponement would continue.

It seems that both acting and music are the same and completely different too. There are many different ways to express my feelings. Acting experiences has filled the empty void in my music. 

So, little by little, I know. The CEO had suggested to me, "Acting will be a great help to your music." To be able to convey feelings to someone, it was very difficult but at the same time, it was a very interesting experience.
This way, I got to know 'the taste of acting' by becoming Collin and I began to have acting goals instead of just singing. 

Collin to me? A new friend. He's another part of me. For a while, we played together, had fun together and I will always miss that friend. Eum.. in the future, when I look back on this experience, there might be things that I will regret but I will never forget Collin, my friend. 

Source : Naver News
Photos: AGD's official picture
Translated by : @norleecious & @sya of cnbluebeat
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