[Trans|Naver News] When Lee Jonghyun Talking About Collin (Part 1)

Part 1: Collin, are you ok?

"Rookie performer wasn't CNBLUE?"

"Do you know Jang Donggun's son..." "Aaa~ Collin!"

Men band member, CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun. His showbiz life can be divided into the appearance before and after 'A Gentleman Dignity'. Recently, with the advent of the SBS weekend drama, AGD, public began to know him. Among young people, CNBLUE members are well known, but this is the great opportunity to appeal to the middle aged people to start knowing him, the unseen LJH. He was then emerged as JDG's son, Collin. LJH will tell us a story about Collin.

It has been nearly a month after I parted way with Collin. Begin with dissapointment during the farewell, now changing into a strange longing feeling or something like that. But still in my mind, I can never put Collin away. Maybe, for a lifetime, Colin will be located in a special corner in my heart. Now if I look back at it, sometimes I think "I could do better than this" and I think that "I could have made a nicer Collin if I leisurely enjoyed the pressure". The precious moment to me was the new challenge towards the opportunity. In addition, it had taught me so many things. I may not be able to forget this friend, Collin!

1. Stubborn Lee Jong Hyun.

Originally I am a member of a band who had no idea about acting. Even when CNBLUE members, Yonghwa-hyung acted with Minhyuk, I never thought about acting. Did satoori (accent) cause this kind of feeling in me? NO, it was because I don't want to act, rather than I can't fix my satoori.

"Singer will only be a singer" was my stand that showed my so-called strange stubborness? Yes, that was me. Even when the company wanted me to act, I just told them with a short and bold answer, "I only want to sing". Singing is the only stage that LJH wanted to do. But it seems like Collin had won over my stubborness. Indeed, he's a great guy!

When CEO of my company took the AGD's script and passed it to me, that was where I realized that it's fun. I was wondering what will be the next story. But I only said "I would like to do it" with hesitancy. It's my stubborness, isn't it? I have to tell u this. Haha. The staff and members completely recommended me to take this opportunity. The fact was, I really wanted to. I was thinking, if I'm being stubborn and continue to insist doing things on my way, ohuuu~ I might really regret with my decision.

I'm persistent to still use my satoori. Ah~ what to do? It's a big deal. Seriously "Should I give up?". While I was contemplating, YH hyung said this to me, "You'll regret for the rest of your life!" and his words goes straight to my heart.

2. Decided on being Collin.

That's right. It will be useless to regret things later. My heart is holding on it and i decided to participated in the audition. It wasn't easy. There were many competitors and the camera test was hard. Because of Collin's image is a Western boy, the staff was looking for that image in me. For a while, I was very happy. But now I have to start practice and fix my satoori. But when the time comes, there was the first time I think that, once people made up their mind, there's nothing they can't do. Haha. The preparation period was 6 months, it's a long period if u think it's long, and it'll be a short period if u think so. My satoori problem was solved. No, I still sounded awkward compared to Seoul people, but as for me who had been using satoori for about 20 years of my life, it was an an excellent improvement. Satoori fixed, LJH little by little prepared to be Collin. I wondered how can I create a nice new friend, Collin, to make it the best.

Yeah, satoori ok! By then, acting?
Then there was a problem as I have never learn about acting after i finished getting rid of my satoori. A~ now all i had to do was to be afraid! LEE JONGHYUN!! Now, you should!

The preparation to be Collin was made until the 1st day of shooting. Starting from the day, I never let the script out of my hand. Slowly, when the day approached, everything is a pressure to me. I began to have lack of sleep and rest that leads me to lose 6-7kg of weight. I really wanted to look good on TV, but unfrotunately thanks to that, I just can't.

Written by : Lee Jonghyun
Edited by : Hwang Yonghwee (Editor of Issue Daily)

P/s: Part 2 will be up soon :) 

Source : Navers News
Translated and Posted by : @norleecious of cnbluebeat
Proof read by : @sya at cnbluebeat

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