[News] CNBLUE’s Dream Comes True…Huge Success in London

CNBLUE’s Dream Comes True…Huge Success in London
CNBLUE successfully finished their first own concert, “CNBLUE Live in London”.

Setlist CNBLUE Live in London

0. Intro
1. 직감 Intuition
2. Have a good night
3. Wake up
4. Love Girl
5. Love Revolution (Eng)
6. 그래요 Yes/kimio (Kor)
7. Y, why…(Kor)
8. 사랑은 비를 타고 Love Rides the Rain/Eclipse (Kor)
9. 아직 사랑한다 Still in Love
*(intro) Oasis-Supersonic
10. Just Please (Kor)
11. One Time (Eng)
12. Tattoo
13. Hey you
14. Let’s go crazy

앵콜 Encore
18. 외톨이야 I’m a Loner
19. Love
*넌 내게 반했어 You’ve Fallen for me
20. 고마워요 Thank You (Kor)

*Improvised songs that weren’t in the planned setlist

At the concert held on the 22nd at 7pm at London’s “IndigO2″ concert hall, CNBLUE performed total of 21 songs, including the hits “Intuition”, “Love Girl”, “One Time”, “Tattoo”, “In My Head”, “I’m a Loner”, “Where you are”, “You’ve Fallen for Me”, and tracks from their domestic “Ear Fun” album released last March, such as “Hey you” and “Still in Love”.

CNBLUE’s powerful and passionate performance heated up the atmosphere in the 2-hr long concert. The local fans’ response was wild; some even fainted and had to be sent to the medical center located within the venue.

Their agency FNC Entertainment remarked, “The seating tickets were all sold out. The standing section was first-come first-serve, and many fans waited outside overnight to enter the venue early. The local fans’ reactions blew our expectations.” According to CJ E&M that organized this concert, over 95% of the ticket sales at CNBLUE’s London concert were made by non-Korean audience. Many fans from all over Europe attended, gathering interest toward CNBLUE’s concert in the region. During the encore stage, the fans sang “Happy Birthday” to Lee Jung Shin whose birthday was on September 15.

CNBLUE, on their first successful concert in the UK, expressed their emotional impression, “It seems like a dream that we finished a concert in the UK. We’re thankful and really happy that we could come to UK the home of rock, meet the fans who love our music, and have fun together with our music at the concert.”

“CNBLUE Live in London” was co-sponsored by CJ E&M’s concert brand “M-Live” and AEG Live. CNBLUE, who finished their successful concert in the UK, will begin their “CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012 – Come On”. The tour will be held at big stadiums in Japan’s 6 cities from October 2 to 21.

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