[News] CNBLUE Conquered Oricon Daily Chart

4-members idol band, CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin, Kang Minhyuk) had rose up at #1 in Oricon Daily Chart for their 1st Japan full major album, CODE NAME BLUE.

Released on Aug 30th, according to their agency, FNC Entertainment, CODE NAME BLUE has recorded as #1 on Oricon Daily Chart as early as Aug 29th. 

The famous Japan rock band, Tokyo Affairs, ranks #2 behind CODE NAME BLUE with a big different. In particular, all Japan artistes who ranked between 1-10 are all eye-catchy except for CNBLUE (I have no idea what is this mean..maybe they want to say that eventhough CNBLUE isn't a dance group, but they still can defeat others XP)

The agency said, "Ranked at number 2-5 are Japan popular bands, as well as Tokyo Affairs, The Gazette, AKB48 - who considered as the representative of the girl group, Japan rock band-Dragon Ash. When CNBLUE were ranked at #1, it was very meaningful."

Meanwhile, in October, CNBLUE are planning to have a tour in large stadium at 6 cities in Japan for their "CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~Come On". 

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