[Video|Trans] 120712 CNBLUE interview in Asian Hero

All: Hello,We’re CNBLUE.

MH: Our album EAR FUN after absence for one year here is our 3rd mini albums. Hope everybody have watch or listen to the song and love it.
JS: The songs in this album.We have show our strong performance on stage so audience if you enjoy in our music will good to jumping together.
MH: HEY YOU is Fun and bright rhythm as Shuffle rhythm but the lyric is story of lovers that apart and still missed each other.
JS: This album EAR FUN. Yonghwa have composed “Still In Love” and “In My Head” Moreover other members have participate to making music.

Q: Which song to recommend to Thai fans?
JS: Minhyuk,which song you think?
MH: For me I think our promote song in album EAR FUN such as “Hey you” is great. Because it’s steady and hilarious song..would be best suited. And Jonghyun?
JH: I suggest “Still In Love” hope you will love intro of the song.
JS: For me personally love “In My Head” It’s song that i would like to recommend. It’s Yonghwa’s song!

Q:In addition to music each members also has other works?
MH: Lately, I have filming drama “You who rolled in Unexpectedly” It’s fun drama. and Jonghyun?
JH: Now,I have filming drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”It’s fun drama too. And also work tirelessly with new album.
JS: I and Yonghwa studies in music also preparing new song and practice on acting to show everybody. We are trying to many tasks.

Dear our thai fans Now CNBLUE have plan to visit Thailand again so please wait for us and give a lot of support to our EAR FUN album.
JH: We will always make a good song for everyone to listen.

All: And this’s CNBLUE.
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