[Trans | Twitter] 120707 Jonghyun Greets Again On CNBLUE DAY

안녕하세요.기타치는 종현입니다. 날씨가 너무 좋네요^^ 항상 현장에서 힘내주시는 스탭분들과 선배님들 퐈이팅입니다!! 아 그리고 오늘은 CNBLUE DAY!! 한명 더 가세해서 폭발합니다!!!훗.  pic.twitter.com/tGLDkf3b

Hello, this is guitarist JongHyun. The weather is really good^^ Fighting to the staffs and seniors who always give strength and support at the filming set! Ah, and today is CNBLUE DAY!! It’s going to explode (?) as joined by another person!!! Hoot! 

Note: not very sure what does he mean in his last sentence about exploding… 

Source by CNBLUE Official Twitter
Translated and shared by chiffonlau
Posted by yunhae@cnbluebeat 

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