[News|Photos] CNBLUE’s Jonghyun is a Handsome “Flower Boy” For ‘VOGUE Girl’

CNBLUE member Jonghyun who has been gathering interest lately for his role in popular drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘, has participated in a flowery ‘VOGUE Girl’ pictorial.

For a literal ‘flower boy’ concept, Jonghyun wore a flower corsage, a hat made of flowers, and clothes with floral patterns. When the pictorials were completed, it was said that Jonghyun resembled a character out of a romantic Korean comic.

A representative of ‘VOGUE Girl’ Magazine commented, “Because Jonghyun appeared extremely uncomfortable and awkward when he first saw the flowers, we were concerned that the photo shoot would be difficult for him. However, as soon as we started, Jonghyun took the flowers and struck natural poses, allowing for the whole photo shoot to wrap up quickly and efficiently.

The CNBLUE member additionally sat down for an interview, during which he expressed himself rather honestly. At one point, Jonghyun even confessed, “I’m a guy that has never given flowers to a girl,” surprising everyone on the set.

Jonghyun’s full, direct, and honest interview will be published in the August issue of ‘VOGUE Girl’.

In other news, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun song “My Love” for ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ OST has been topping various music and ringtone charts, demonstrating the enthusiastic response the member has been gaining these days.

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