[TRANS] CELEBPUB V.03 Interview (YongHwa and JungShin)

» Recently, in one of a studio in Gang Nam, we met Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin whose strong affection for each other has received a big reaction. But what are their thoughts about this, let us listen to their secret.

YH : Whereever I go, I want to bring JungShin along, I really like him. If you ask me to what extent is my feelings? If I go for a vacation, no matter where and when I go, I want to bring JungShin along. Even if i have to buy tickets, and pay for all expenses I’d still want to do that.
JS : Haha. It’s just because if I’m there hyung will be more comfortable
YH : Haha. I’m serious. JS is a companion that I will definitely bring with me. I like JungShin till this extent.
JS : erm… Looks like there are a lot of things that I have to do? (Laugh, just joking)
My own brother actually is the same age with YongHwa. Now he is serving his military service so there are not a lot of opportunities to meet him. Because I am very busy so I don’t even have the time to visit him at the camps, that is why I seem to depend on YongHwa hyung a lot.

» The 4 member of CNBLUE live under the same roof, and they have developed a very strong friendship. How does it feels for 4 men to live together? Suddenly I am very curious about their daily life together.
JS : My room is tidied to be very comfortable, so I don’t know if it is because of this, that in our dorm, all four of us usually get together in my room. Should I say it has become the “headquarters”? (laugh)
YH : I don’t know why after dinner, everyone will naturally gather in JungShin’s room. Just like that 2 or 3 people will go to JungShin’s room and then start sitting on his bed. Why is that so? I am not sure myself, but I do feel that JungShin’s room is very comfortable.
JS : My bed is slowly losing it’s elasticity (laugh). But I am actually quite happy that my room has become the “headquarters”. Isn’t that a good thing that our relationship is that good? I am very confident about this. We’ve lived together for a long time, we know what each others likes and dislikes very well so we will not quarrel. We are on very good terms, hence our team work is always good too, I am very proud of this.

» It’s been really busy chatting about YongHwa and JungShin’s Little episode. YongHwa who treats JungShin like his own younger brother, when they are talking about their stories, a smile never leaves YongHwa’s face. 
YH : We are always exchanging clothes with each other and JungShin’s clothes are very popular. JungShin really likes to dress up so he has the most clothes~ (laugh)
JS : I am actually very glad that other members like my clothes. Even though there are a lot of clothes in black in my wardrobe, but I read a lot of magazines and is very interested in fashion, so I am also trying to give other styles a try
YH : Ah, I suddenly remembered something, JungShin always has a very unique expression whenever he opens a door, should I say that it’s a kind of handsome expression? For example, when he open the door after he has taken a bath, JungShin has a very special expression… How should I put it, a “frowning” expression? Anyway, JungShin has that I-feel-that-I-am-handsome expression, no matter what kind of door it is, as long as he open the door ,he will always have that expression (laugh)
JS : Yes… You can say so.. I like to practice my facial expressions. But do I really have that expression whenever I open a door? 
YH : But JungShin is really handsome. He can manages himself really well. Even when his hair is tied up tightly, he is still very handsome. This is not an easy thing to accomplish right? There is some sort of coolness that only JungShin has.
JS : Ah, But I really need a lot of time to comb my hair, and because I need a long time to dry my hair so my bathing time is the longest as well.
YH : And when he has finished, he has that “frowning” expression (laugh)

Both of them continue to chat without reservations about trivial stuff like that. They are like brothers, but like a good friends too. Their story is just like an endless night in June.
Source: pub.olleh.com 
Based on chinese translation by: parishin @ paris0915.egloos.com
Eng trans by : cnblackyong
Edited by: @chiffonlau
Re-posted by yunhae@cnbluebeat

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