[Scan|Trans] CNBLUE - Steady Magazine July 2012

From Yonghwa to Minhyuk,
I always thankful for his help!

He is younger, but he's very different. He have a belief that will never bend. But maybe just a little stubborn (laugh). And, he is very faithful, and always help us.Now, in the drama role (Cool Playboy), he is totally a different person. Still, he is a clean-freak and very delicate, i like that.  Lately, he is busy filming his drama, and has no time to clean his room. He's in trouble. He needs some help (laugh).

From Minhyuk to Yonghwa
The person that I trust more than anyone. 

Anyway, it's nice!! When the music, and of course actors and producer works well, great work will exist. His real personality is very respectable. Being such person, I guess he makes me appreciate and study. And, from the time I met him, Hyung is really kind and thoughtful to his dongsaeng. We will follow that! (laugh).

From Jungshin to Jonghyun 
The way he treat music, I want to learn it! 

He has a manly personality, but he's actually a very warm person. We will always care. He also insist on a strong music, and really loves guitar. Jonghyun hyung sparkles when he plays his guitar. I fell like training my body, so here we go, work together. Next, ops! To have a bad sleep (laugh).

From Jonghyun to Jungshin
Thanks to the best mood maker

His nickname is "Happy Virus". Alongside, you could feel happy (laugh) even sometimes when there were a very hard time working in the studio, he can change the atmosphere. He made the unexpected laugh during that moment. And he is a tender-hearted boy. Even my auntie gave him a bag as a gift!

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