[Caps] Jonghyun and Minhyuk in Utusan S3

The lovely Cha Segwang and Colin has made a news in our local news paper. The paper reported on their excellence in drama.

Our smiley eyes baby, Minhyuk, who is currently filming My Husband Got A Family and Mr.Burning, who is gaining popularity as Colin in A Gentleman's Dignity, was believed to be one of the factor on the good rating for both drama series.

p/s:I think the reporter need to do a lil bit more research on Minhyuk ^^ She maybe confused and saying that Minhyuk's role in MHGAF is Kim Namjoo LOL 

Source : Utusan Malaysia 
Posted by : @norleecious of cnblubeat

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YaTt's said...

reporter ni memang tak nengok drama nih. ada ke abang uish uish..