[Article] CNBLUE’s Jonghyun poses for ‘ELLE Girl’

Currently receiving attention for his role on ’Gentlemen’s Class‘, CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun showcased his polished and charming image for a recent photo shoot with ‘ELLE Girl‘.

Throughout the shoot, Jonghyun used his playful expressions and natural poses to express the concept of ‘vacation by oneself’, while also interjecting some of his rebellious and tough charm as a “Busan guy”.

When asked about his thoughts on monitoring his first appearance in ‘Gentlemen’s Class’, Jonghyun confessed,”Even though I didn’t have a lot of parts, it still felt like I was watching it in slow motion.” He expressed his hope by adding, “It’s an honor to be working with such good senior actors, director, and writer, and I’m working hard with the thought, ‘I’m learning a lot.’ I’ll show everyone a hard working side of myself so please keep an eye on me.”

In addition, when talking about his dorm life with the rest of CNBLUE members, Jonghyun commented, “We get along by immediately expressing and getting over our complaints for each other. Thanks to the neat dongsaengs, I have now developed a habit of cleaning the room by myself.”

Jonghyun’s shoot will be featured in the July edition of ‘ELLE Girl’.

*Note : Gentlemen's Class also known as A Gentleman's Dignity*

Source+Photos: Star News via Nate, Chosun
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