[Twitter|Trans|Photo] Minhyuk With His Favourite Football Player, Lee Chung Yong.

대한민국 국가대표 이청용선수를 만나다니...!넝쿨당 재밌게 보고 계신다고 합니다! 저는 이청용선수 매경기 챙겨보는 팬입니다! 다음에 꼭 저희콘서트 와주세요! 전 축구장으로 응원하러 가겠습니다!

Meets Korea national team player Lee Chung-Yong...! He had fun watching MHGAF!  I'm a fan of Lee Chung-Yong and  I watch their matches! Next time, please come to our concerts. I'll go to your football match to cheer! 

Translations by norlee@cnbluebeat 
Posted by yunhae@cnbluebeat

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