[Trans|Twitter] Jonghyun a.k.a Colin tweeted!!

안녕하세요. 기타치는 종현입니다. 오늘 제작발표회를 다녀 왔어요. 어찌나 떨리던지...^^ 신사의 품격 화이팅!!! 오늘 보내주신 화환 다 봤어요 정말 감사합니다!

Hello. This is the guitar freak, Jonghyun. Today I went to the press conference. Somehow I was very nervous there.... ^^ A Gentleman's Dignity hwaiting!!! I saw you guys sending the wreath, thank you so much!

p/s: The AGD writer said that AGD is a deep and gaudy drama where skinship and kiss scene is all over!!! Colin skin-ship.....,no? XP 

Source : @CNBLUE_4 twitter
Translated and Posted by : @norleecious of cnblubeat

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