[Scan|Eng Trans] 120508 CNBLUE on Steady June 2012

“Hey, what are you thinking now?”
While working. While their personal times. Or while the little moments in the interval, what kind of things are the members of CNBLUE thinking?

It’s like, “I want some pizza for dinner tonight.” (laugh)
Because I love pizzas. (laugh)
We’ve just released the new mini-album and that lead  to  a hectic daily life, recording the music programs or live performances and so on. I’m looking forward to meal times when I can catch my breath. So, we are doing music activities in Korea after about one year. I thought about the album night and day while making it. But I’m pleased that it was finished nicely.

……(The only things in my head are the lines from the drama.)
Every day is a series of nervousness after my appearance in a drama was confirmed. Though it’s in the same ‘art’ field as music, acting is more difficult for me!! I sometimes think I should ask Yonghwa hyung to teach me. I really have to do my best not to cause trouble to other people. So I am now frantically practicing. Meanwhile, what goes through my mind is music after all. Also I want to practice the guitar. I fervently hope that I have more time.

I was thinking that I wanted to go to a pool in summer!
I was just remembering the time when I went to a pool with my friends in the past. I wonder whether I will be able to go this summer. I feel relieved now that the recording of album went great. Well, Minhyuk and Jonghyun hyung scarcely have time to breath like this since they are so busy with drama-shooting. Anyway, I’m paying attention to their acting! Once the dramas have been finished filming, I’d like to go out for Samgyeobsal with everyone.

Will someone please clean my room?
I am being troubled because I don’t have time to clean my room due to prolonged drama shooting. Don’t you feel blue if your room is messy when you're tired and return home? I’ve got to do something. But I really enjoy the shooting. I give it the very best try I can, just like the music activities. Then, I sometimes think, “When I find the time, I like to go traveling.” But work is fun for me now, so I just settle for dreaming it for a while.

Scan: Credit full to @mi_malice
Translation: Faith @Cnblue4u.com
Edit: Hannah
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*Note: Because languages don't match up 100%, there are certain words in Japanese that have no English equivalent, and vice versa.This translation is not 100% accurate.

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