[Photos|Trans] BOICE Day Brochure – Through YongHwa’s Eyes

CNBLUE held their first Korean fan meet on 5th May 2012, which was also Children’s Day in Korea. The event was named “BOICE Day”, with a slogan “The Story of You & I”.

In the brochure that was sold at the event (also known as the BOICE DAY brochure), each member had five pictures featured, which they took themselves. The pictures were of the other members and themselves, showing the candid side of them. 

They also wrote their own captions, which I have translated below.

The pictures of all members have been shared earlier here (cnbluestorm link) and here (cnbluebeat link). I will be translating and sharing the captions over four posts, feature each member’s photos each time. 

Enjoy! (:

YongHwa’s vision

# 흐린 날에 음악듣기
이 사진은 대만에서 찍은 사진이에요.  대만 콘서트 때, 정말 많은 비가 왔었는데,
저는 개인적으로 비오는 날을 좋아합니다.  비오는 날엔 잔잔한 음악이 딱이죠!
( 창문에 붙은 까만 거시기는  엠티비 언플러그드 출연했을 때  선물로 받은 스피커라 합니다 ^^ )

#Listening to music on a cloudy day
This picture was taken in Taiwan. It really rained a lot when we had our concert in Taiwan, I personally like rainy days. It’s perfect to listen to calm music on rainy days!
(The black thingy on the window is a speaker, a present received when we performed on MTV unplugged^^)

# 비행기의 연인
해외 투어 때 비행기 안의 민혁이.   민혁이 옆에 있는 어여쁜 단발머리는 누구일까요?

# The lovers on the plane
MinHyuk in the plane when we went on overseas (promotional) tour.  Who is the person with pretty bobbed hair next to MinHyuk

# 콜린 파이팅!!
민혁이에 이어서 종현이도 드라마 촬영을 시작하게 되었습니다.   많이 걱정도 되지만  그래도
연습벌레 종현이는 잘할거라 믿습니다.   이종현 파이팅!  콜린 파이팅!

#Colin fighting!!
After MinHyuk, JongHyun is going to start filming for his drama too. Though I’m very worried, I believe that JongHyun, the practice-holic, will do well. Lee JongHyun fighting! Colin fighting!

# 저요!
요즘엔 이 손 인사가 대세랍니다.   모두들 따라 해보세요.  저요!!

It’s the trend to say hello with this hand sign. Everybody please follow me in doing this. Me!!

# 정신아, 뭐해?
인기가요 대기실의 정신이 입니다.  가끔 정신이는 이렇게 요염해진답니다.
여러분들은 알고 계셨나요?  이런 정신이의 모습?

#JungShin ah, what are you doing?
This is JungShin in Inkigayo’s waiting room. Sometimes JungShin is voluptuous like this.
Does everybody know about this? About this image of JungShin’s?

Seriously LOL at YH’s captions. He’s got that comedian side of him. And he never seem to stop teasing MH about that hand sign, me! XD About JS’ voluptuous side, well I think it’s a bonus for JS biases, right? XD Oh and I found that MTV speaker really cool!! (:

This marks the end of this four-part photo-captions series. I hope you enjoyed reading them, as much as I enjoyed translating. (:

Other members part : Jungshin, Jonghyun, Minhyuk


Pictures shared by DC inside CNBLUE Gallery
Captions translated by chiffonlau@cnbluestorm
Re-posted & edited by yunhae@cnbluebeat

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