[Photos|Trans] BOICE Day Brochure – Through JongHyun’s Eyes

CNBLUE held their first Korean fan meet on 5th May 2012, which was also Children’s Day in Korea. The event was named “BOICE Day”, with a slogan “The Story of You & I”.

In the brochure that was sold at the event (also known as the BOICE DAY brochure), each member had five pictures featured, which they took themselves. The pictures were of the other members and themselves, showing the candid side of them. 

They also wrote their own captions, which I have translated below.

The pictures of all members have been shared earlier here (cnbluestorm link) and here (cnbluebeat link). I will be translating and sharing the captions over four posts, feature each member’s photos each time. 

Enjoy! (:

JongHyun’s Vision

# 음악감상은 필수!
저희는 이동할 때나, 대기실에서나  언제나 많은 음악을 들으려고 노력합니다.

#Enjoying music is a must!
I always try to listen to lots of music whenever as I can, whether we are travelling or in the waiting room.

# 인터뷰를 앞두고
인터뷰는 아무리 많이 해도 언제나 긴장되는 것 같아요.
용화 형도 긴장되는지 마지막으로 거울을 보며 옷 맵시를 다듬고 있네요.

# Getting ready before the interview
No matter how many interviews we have had, it seems that we always feel nervous.
YongHwa hyung could also be nervous, giving himself a last check in the mirror and adjusting his clothes stylishly.

# 정신아, 뭐해?
핸드폰을 보고 있는 정신이의 코믹한 표정
도대체 뭘 보고 있던 걸까요?   그리고 용화 형은 뭘 보고 있었던 걸까요?

#JungShin ah, what are you doing?
JungShin’s comical expression while looking at his handphone.
What exactly was he looking at? And what could YongHwa hyung be looking at?

# 정신이 사탕 무슨 맛?
용화 형이랑 정신이는 무엇을 보고 있을까요.   꽤나 흥미진진한 내용인 것 같에요
여기서 문제!   정신이가 먹고 있는 막대사탕은 무슨 맛일까요~?

#What is the flavour of JungShin’s candy?
What could YongHwa hyung and JungShin be looking at.  Seems to be of pretty interesting content.
Here’s the question! What is the flavour of the lolly that JungShin’s eating~?

# 밀착취재
민혁이 몰래 근접촬영.   역시 우리 민혁이는 피부가 참 좋아요!!!!

#Up-close coverage
Secret close-up shot of MinHyuk. As execpted, our MinHyuk has very good complexion!!!!

JH’s captions are SOOOO him. I think he has a closet wish of being a reporter! XD
Let’s give his question a shot – what flavour is JS’ lolly? JS bias should answer this! XD

Other members part : Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jungshin


Pictures shared by DC inside CNBLUE Gallery
Captions translated by chiffonlau@cnbluestorm
Re-posted & edited by yunhae@cnbluebeat

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