[FANACCOUNT] Yonghwa still in Busan

Yonghwa is still in Busan. Today(May.26) he was spotted in an open car on the street without sunglasses, also at Doosil swimming pool.

"Today(May.26) I saw Yonghwa!!" (from DC JYH gall)

I live in Busan, same apartment with Yonghwa's parents.
It seemed he got his vacation from his company and came to Busan.
I was waiting for elevator, a tall and good looking guy told me 'Annyeong".
So I saw him, and he was Jung Yonghwa...

It was 4:35pm this afternoon. His parents were taking package delivery at the lobby.
Yonghwa was standing by himself doing nothing, and said to me hi.
I wanted to take photo, but I couldn't. The elevator came, so I took the elevator.
He didn't take the same elevator with me.
Jung Yonghwa is absolutely handsome. But he is too thin, and he is very tall.

Yonghwa was with his parents at the lobby of ground floor. He was wearing a walker? shoes with a little bit of heel.
He was tramping around. I saw his face when he said hi to me. He was much slimmer and much taller than photos.
He said 'Annyeong' to me first, I was surprised and said 'Annyeonghaseyo' to him.

He was wearing blue jean shirt and wide half lengh pants.
It wasn't basketball pants, just ordinary pants which men wear.
He wasn't wearing sunglasses or cap.
His hair seemed to be dyed, brown color, and skin color was just normal. (fans asked how his tanned skin was)

He was much different from on TV, he looked taller, 180cm seemed correct. His face looked slim and definitely he has big eyes.
I hope his company feed him better...

Credit to the owner.

p/s: still no news dear.i know most of us miss yonghwa, jonghyun, minhyuk n jungshin so much. so, let's stick together boice. Yonghwa, eat a lot please~

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