CN Blue Appears in a Thailand Textbook

Four-man band CNBlue is not only making waves in the music scene abroad but has spread their influence on educational material. Local news agencies picked up on a photo circulating in the Internet of vocalists and guitarists Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun, drummer Kang Min Hyuk and bassist Lee Jung Shin in a Thai textbook.

Reports quote CNBlue’s agency FNC Entertainment as saying, “Thailand’s first day of the first semester began on May 14. In Thailand’s 12th grade (high school) music-related textbooks, CNBlue appears in photographs and introductions.”
The pictures of CNBlue in Thai textbooks caught the attention of netizens and spread through online communities. In the pictures, CNBlue members posed with their respective instruments. Their tall stature and fine features have drawn cheers from fans.
The textbook’s introduction to the photographs reads “CNBlue is a popular band in Korea. They are very charismatic and are very eager to share live music to the public,”in Thai. 
Under the picture, it says, “This band is very popular in Korea. They perform very emotional and vivid music for the public.”

People who saw the picture responded: “This is daebak.” “CNBLUE is also very popular in Thailand.” “I’m happy to see that they are global.” “This is how you enhance national prestige.” “CNBLUE is so great to appear in a textbook.”

Source: soompi, TV reports via
Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment
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