[Video&Translation] 120411 CNBLUE as 2012 Hantol Ambassador


YH: 2012 Hantol Sharing Festival Ambassador. Hello, we are CN Blue.It seems that new hot season of sharing in June is approaching. 
JS: Why June is the season of sharing? 
MH: Beacause Hantol Sharing Festival is voluntary festival of youth  in Republic of Korea. 
JH: Last year Hantol spend helping-hand program in Ghana and the Solomon Islands. The contents of thanks letter from then was really touching. 
YH: Really me? What does it say? 
JS: They will remember how touched about everything that Koreans did for them. And now they could overcome the challenges of poverty and learn how to share. 
YH: Oh, this is such a good news . And how about the place for this year? 
JH: This 2012 year we will send our Hantol kit to Madagascar and Tanzania in Africa 
MH: We are expected that  the children there would be happy when receive our gifts 
All: Yes ~ ME too ME too ! 
YH: Specially in 2012, not just voluntary project “design for hope” also a lot of program are being prepared. 
All:  We will have to go ~ 
YH: Now Seoul and seventh cities in Korea will hold the Sharing Hantol Festival. 
MH: Hantol will send hand-made goods which maded by young people in the Republic of Korea 
JS: Sharing for difficult child in 3rd world! 
YH: Make friend and Let’s have fun festival!YH: I'll see you at Hantol Sharing Festival ~ ~ ~ 

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