[Twitter] 120408 Jungshin and Minhyuk Apologies for the Inkigayo’s Pre-Recording

" 일찍부터 저희 응원해주러 오셨는데.. 방송 녹화 사정상 이렇게 돼서 정말 죄송합니다…다음기회에 꼭 만나요 우리! 점심 맛있는거 드시구 좋은 주말되세요~^^CNBLUE HEY YOU 대박! "

(fans) came early to support us.. Really sorry that it ended up like that due to some circumstances for the pre-recording… We must meet again at the next opportunity! Please have a yummy lunch and have a great weekend~^^ CNBLUE HEY YOU daebak!

Translated by chiffonlau
Posted by yunhae

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