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I chanced upon this article in Baidu. I am unsure if this had been shared at Go-chun before. It is a summary of Q&A that was done in March 2010 between DC and one of Yong’s senior in Namsan High School. It was translated into Chinese by and someone revived this thread a couple of days ago. Since it is my day off, I decided to try my hand at translating the article into English for some gogumas who may have missed it. (disclaimer: some original meanings may be lost during translation. Please be forgiving.)

1. Jung Yong Hwa was definitely not a bully. There were no such terms as ‘chief’ in Namsan High School although a few in Jung Yong Hwa’s circle of friends mingled with bullies. But Yong Hwa was NOT a problematic student. He was an ordinary, yet popular student.

2. It is true that Jung Yong Hwa’s family is wealthy. His father is a Chinese doctor. Back then, he (Yong) always wore golden NIKE boots during soccer games, a sign of wealth.

3. His academic results were above average and his best subject was English. His class was solely boys. They mixed with girls only during tutorial classes.

4. Jung Yong Hwa was popular in school due to his good look. But do not be mistaken that there were always girls waiting for him outside the school gate. Although the girls (both seniors and juniors) liked him very much, they claimed that it was difficult to get close to him.

5. He wore ear-studs in High School. There were no school rules banning the wearing of ear-studs nor dictating the hairstyle and length of hair. The teachers did not care too.

6. He did not smoke. I know of an area in school whereby students got together to smoke. I had never seen him there before. Furthermore, his body did not reek of cigarette smoke. As regards drinking, I have no idea.

7. He joined the Current Affairs Club in school. In reality, it was more like a club to socialize and play rather than gather and sort news.

8. I do not know why he was not selected when he registered for the school’s Music Club. Could our school’s threshold be higher than that of the National Orchestra of Korea?

9. He was a little narcissistic or more appropriately, overly confident. Upon making eye contact with a girl, he would gaze at that person until the other party turned away first.

10. He has a good character and there were many friends around him. He is definitely not like Shin Woo (from the drama YAB). If I were to choose, it would be him in ‘radiostar’. That was the closest to his real character.

11. The teachers were very fond of him. He liked to mimic them. Surprisingly, they were never angry with him.

12. I heard that some new students registered with our school because of Jung Yong Hwa.

13. To my knowledge, Jung Yong Hwa is not a person who befriends girls casually. I had never seen his girlfriend. However, I heard that he had two girlfriends from secondary school to high school.

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Anonymous said...

is yong hwa father a chinese??? is he 1/2 korea, 1/2 chinese???

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lols . great fact : )