[SCAN|TRANS] CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary #22 - “Encounter / Parting”

出会い / 別れ

【Encounter / Parting】

Speaking of spring it is a season of “Encounter” and of “Farewell/Parting”.

It is not too much to say that LIFE is a repetition of it.

Tried to strike this word to CNBLUE who have lots of day-to-day experience of “encounter” and of “farewell/parting”

YONGHWA - “Once, Twice”

I think it is really a sad thing, to think that a just once encounter can never be happened twice.

JONGHYUN - “Growth”

I remembered the times when we did street live performances.

At that time, there are several encounter, tens of times, also hundreds of times in a day, but then there was a parting.

While we are chasing for our dreams, those people who’s watching us, lea

ve a memory that makes us continue doing live that we wanted.

I think the reason why we have grown this far, because of that encounter and the parting.

JUNGSHIN – “Flowing Water”

Flowing water continually flows while bumping into stones. Encounters and Parting it’s like the same.

MINHYUK – “One way passage”

When there is an encounter, parting comes over by all means.

And after the parting, there is a reunion or a new encounter comes.

And in encounters, I think there is no one way passage, it is everything in this world.

Source : Pati-Pati Magazine May Edition

Translations by cnbluefanfun

Re-posted by yunhae

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