[SCAN|TRANS]CNBLUE Moment Vol.3 in “Steady” Magazine May Edition

Today is been a long while day off….

“What will you do now?”

YONGHWA – “It may be serious but I want to compose songs

「I want time to make more music! Even if I would spend a time with a girlfriend, I won’t let go of the guitar. And also I would like to go and watch a movie. At that time, will watch the latest and most talk of the town. Though I can hardly get a proper day off, I will do my best if I can secure even just a sleep. Sleeping is the best stress-relieving method.」

JONGHYUN – “Leisurely, I want to listen to music in my room.”

「I can’t hardly make time to do the cleaning. So I want to clean my room. If I would have a girlfriend, though I would feel sorry for her, if she could help I will be happy. For me, it would be the best day off, listening to music, do the practicing in a cleaned room. It’s an effective way to make use of a day off, right? (laugh). Practicing while I’m on a day off, earnest….. But anyway, right now doing music is the best!」

MINHYUK – “How about spending time freely and have fun together with others?”

「Even during my day off, I often spend most of it with members. I like lively and fun time. Relaxation is playing baseball, which is my hobby. If I would have time, I think I want to workout. Though drum is enough, I already make my body move (laugh). A sport is also a different thing, though. Also, sometimes I’m absorb in games, so I’m trying to divide my on and off time.」

JUNGSHIN – “I want to cook and watch DVD”

「When I’m alone, the moment I have the time I would think “I want to sleep” (laugh). If I would have a girlfriend, I want to cook, eat then watch DVD together leisurely. It is my ideal way of spending a day off. If its already been late at night, I’ll take her home! My day off usually end up only on sleeping, so I want to avoid this kind of habit.」

Translations & scan credit: bluenabluena , cnbluefanfun

source: steady magazine may edition

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