Notice From FNC Music Fan Club


This is the representative of the FNC Music fan club.

These days, a lot of fans come to see CNBLUE. We are very glad many fans to join CNLBUE’s official schedule (Concert, Music broadcast and TV Program)

However, the big problem is that some fans come to see at FNC Music Offices, Practicing Room and CNBLUE’s accommodation. This causes a lot problems and damages to living resident.

For this FNC MUSIC have had many meetings and would like to notify our fan club members of the result.

From now on, Any members caught attending unofficial schedule will be removed from the official schedule (Concert, Music broadcast, fan sign and T.V Program etc.), after checking the each personal information.

In addition, members that are caught chasing stars/celebrities will be removed from same as above. A blacklist will be posted on our official homepage.

Notice above the April 8, 2011 is valid from today,except official schedule, any personal property is not allowed to contact with CNBLUE members.

Please be aware that in case someone break the official rule, we are going to restrain someone who is break the official rule right away.

This decision’s goal is good for CNBLUE and BOICE’s safety, after confirming this above official notice, we wish that all fan club members not take disadvantages.

Thank you very much.

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