[News] CNBLUE Jungshin will focus on studying music during CNBLUE’s hiatus

Earlier, CNBLUE announced that they would be concluding their promotions for their third mini-album, ‘EAR FUN‘, this weekend.
The members will be focusing on individual activities during their hiatus, and although the future plans of three members were previously revealed, Jungshin was left out, leaving fans wondering how he’ll be spending his time.
Jungshin’s known for his model-like proportions and his participation in the ‘2011 F/W Seoul Collection Fashion Show‘, so some speculated that he might go down that route during the hiatus.
Representatives, however, revealed, “He’ll be investing time into studying instruments and composition for the next album’s production. He’s also been consistently taking acting lessons to prepare for a future acting career. Jungshin has been receiving modeling offers from overseas so he will be taking on modeling activities as well.”
They continued, “Should a good opportunity arise, we feel that it would be beneficial for him to give acting a try.”
Source + Images: W Star News via Naver, Sports Korea
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