[News] 120423 General reactions from the viewers after the "Tattoo" performance on You & I

트위터, 등에서 유앤아이 타투 방송 시청자 반응을 모아봤습니다.

General reactions from the viewers after Tattoo performance, gathered from twitter/DC

밴드 좋아하는 사람으로써 노력하는게 보인다고 많이 늘었다 이젠 조금 응원할수 있을것 같다

As a fan of bands, I can see they’re trying hard and how they’ve improved a lot. I think I can start cheering them on now.

입장에서 봐도 여타 아이돌이랑 다르다 이대로 가면 크게 될것 같다

From a perspective of a musician, they’re different from other idols. If they continue on this track, I think they’ll become great.

유앤아이에서 나온 씨엔블루를 보면서 새삼 얘네가 밴드라는 사실을 깨달았다. 거의 아이돌이라고 생각하고 있었다. 대중의 입맛에 맞춘 노래만 들고 나오는아이돌밴드라고 말이다. 그런데 씨엔블루가 하고 싶어하는 음악이 따로 있는 것같다. 그걸 알겠으니까 씨앤블루가 아이돌이 아니라 밴드로 보인다. ㅋㅋ 아무튼 in my head 노래 좋네.

Watching CNBLUE on You&I made me freshly realize that they’re a band. I had mostly thought they were idols, an “idol” band that only releases songs to suit the popular taste. But it seems like there’s a different type of music that CNBLUE wants to pursue. Now that I know this, CNBLUE seems to me like a band and not an idol. Anyway, in my head is a good song.

씨엔블루는 결국 그들의 힘으로 대중의 인식을 바꿔놓는중

After all, CNBLUE’s changing the public’s perspective on their own…

씨엔블루 되게 열심히하네..

CNBLUE’s so enthusiastic.

유앤아이 우연히 보다가 씨앤블루노래 듣고싶어서 폭풍다운중ㅋ

내일부터 씐나게 들어야지

Turned on You & I by chance, made me want to listen to CNBLUE’s songs. Downloading their songs like mad. I’ll enjoy them from tomorrow.

유앤아이에서 씨엔블루나와서 봤는데 Tatto좋다ㅋㅋ매번 약간 안정적인 밴드느낌이 있었는데 타투는 하드하고 색다른게 멋있네ㅋㅋ 다시 찾아서 들어보니 이건

공연으로 보는게 더나은듯ㅋㅋㅋ암튼 굿ㅋㅋ이런느낌곡 많이 하면좋겠다ㅋㅋ

I saw CNBLUE on You & I, Tattoo is nice. They always seemed like a calm band but Tattoo’s hard and different, so cool. I looked it up and listened to it, it sounds better on live performance. Anyways good, I hope they perform many songs like these.

진짜 짱이네요 씨엔블루의 저런 (?)적인 무대 처음봐요ㅇ0

It’s so awesome. I’ve never seen CNBLUE’s crazy(?) performances like those!

;;;씨엔블루 잘하네!??올라이브도.. 유앤아이보는데 깜놀_;;;;;;

wow;; CNBLUE’s good?? Even all-live…so surprised watching You & I..;;;

씨엔블루 보고 기죽었다. 아따 잘하네

Watching CNBLUE made me feel threatened. Wow, they’re good.

대박섹시한밴드였구나 씨엔블루가~ㅋㅋ

Didn't know CNBLUE was such a sexy band~ CNBLUE~

씨엔블루 ….콘서트해…? 겁나….….대박

CNBLUE…Is this their concert?…crazy…daebak

씨엔블루 존나 멋있다

Wow..CNBLUE fucking awesome

지금유앤아이에서 씨엔블루가부르는타투누구노래에여?ㅠㅠ 씨엔블루노랜가 ? 노래조으다!

Who's song is this Tattoo that CNBLUE's performing right now on You & I? Is this CNBLUE's? Love the song!


CNBLUE on You & I~ The song sounds…powerful~

유앤아이. 남자들이 단체로 기타치며 노래부르는 모습 너무 좋다! 씨앤블루~ 같은 남자가 봐도 멋있다 최고다~ 저런 가수들이 많이 나왔으면 좋겠다~

You & I. I love the guys playing the guitars and singing together! CNBLUE~ looks great, they're the best for even a guy like me~ I wish more singers like them debuted~

P/s : I almost tear up when I read the above comments. I was so touch because finally Korean viewer acknowledge their talents. Dear CNBLUE, we are so proud of you! Happy Boice 2nd Anniversary everyone!

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