[Article] CNBLUE Minhyuk compliments Yonghwa’s buttocks

The members of CNBLUE guested on the April 14th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘ Entertainment Relay‘ where Minhyuk complimented Yonghwa's exceptional buttocks.

The boys participated in the show’s guerrilla date segment and sat down for an interview with MC Kim Saeng Min. When asked to name the member that has the best body, Minhyuk replied without hesitation, “It’s Yonghwa hyung.”

Yonghwa explained, “I’m working out so that I can bulk up for my future girlfriend.”

Minhyuk continued the praise by adding, “He has an awesome hip line!” Yonghwa protested, “He keeps talking about my butt on TV lately so fans have been staring at it a lot more. It’s really uncomfortable.”

Jonghyun chimed in, “Minhyuk’s butt is completely flat.” Despite the laughter that ensued, Minhyuk marched on with the topic by concluding, “Yonghwa hyung’s butt is lively; that’s why I like it!”

Source & Image: OSEN
Translation by VITALSIGN@allkpop
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