[Article] CNBLUE and FT Island Talk About Education and Charity Work

Members of CNBLUE and FT Island, which are signed under the same entertainment agency, are currently attending school through Kyunghee Cyber University. The groups’ agency revealed that due to the fact that the groups have tight schedules both in South Korea and other countries, the members use their tablets or mobile phones to study for their university programs.

Additionally, the members are active in supporting the concept of "helping and sharing" as advocated by their university. To raise money on the internet for students that come from a poor family, they voluntarily lend their talents as well as assist with funding scholarships.

The members revealed, "Through the charity work and learning on the internet, we are able to use a warm heart and an open-mind to view the world. We are hoping that through these activities we are able to contribute to helping students facing difficulties and others in need."

Source : Korea Star Daily
Translation by Koreaboo
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