[Twitter] 22.3.2012 Twitter Update From JungShin

[JungShin tweet]
안녕하세요 정신입니다! 이제 정말 저희컴백이 다가와요!! 작년 이맘쯤에 First step활동할때 생각도나구요 1년만에컴백인만큼 어색하지 않게 열심히 준비했으니 많은관심과 응원부탁드려요~다음주에 봐요 굿나잇

Hello, this is JungShin! Now, our comeback is really approaching!! Reminds me of our First Step promotion period around this time last year. We will be preparing hard in order to be not awkward for our comeback after 1 year, so please give us lots of attention and support~ See you next week, good night.

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