[TWITTER] 15.3.2012 YongHwa tweet from Vietnam

Yonghwa tweet:
베트남은 안개가많네요 내일자정 아직사랑한다 많은관심부탁드립니다 27일나올앨범도많이 사랑해주세요 여러분 아직사랑합니다 계속사랑합니다 

Mist in Vietnam is really thick. Please give more attention to "Still in Love" that will be announce at 00:00 tomorrow. Please also give attention to our album that will be release on the 27th. I still love all of you, and I have always love all of you.

source: @CNBLUE_4 & Baidu
credits: Chinese translation & littleyue
Post by : CPR

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