[Trans|Photo] Ear Fun 1st and 2nd Image Teaser : Lee JungShin and Lee JongHyun

Ear Fun 1st Image Teaser : Lee JungShin who returned as a badass man

Lee JungShin (bass)

This time, the teaser is centered using the bass sound which I am in charge of. And though having watched the video, to give intensity and charisma, I filmed really hardworkingly, do you feel it? Haha.

Stayed till 5am to film, everybody was tired and prepared well without expression, I also worked hard and tried my best not to NG.

Though there is the pressure of being the first and opening teaser video, it will be great if you like it.
Must be looking forward to who’s next?? Please stay tuned to the reel~

Translation by gera@cnbluestorm

Ear Fun 2nd Image Teaser : Lee JongHyun who returned with intense gaze  

Lee JongHyun 

The lead for the second teaser is simply me, Lee JongHyun. 

I showed strong guitar sounds and manly image, how is that? 

CNBLUE’s man is simply me, Lee JongHyun! Please listen and love our album loads.

Source: Nate
Translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm
reposted : inorhaniza

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