The Guideline to Attend Inkigayo for Oversea fans



This is FNC MUSIC fan club.

 Sunday 1 April 2012 'Inkigayo' is held
 I'll offer participation to guide


 Date: April 1, 2012 PM 3:50 ~

 Location: SBS Deungchon (studio)

 First pre-recording time (Hey You): AM 9:00 ~

 Second pre-recording time (still love): AM 11: 30 ~

 STAFF Arrival Time: AM 7:30 ~

 Lottery ticket: 2


 [Fan verification procedure]

  The priority admission

 1 : BOICE (bring your membership card, ID card)/ CNBLUE [EAR FUN] CD & Hey you online music holders/ Blish

2 : BOICE (bring your membership card, ID card) / Blish

3 : CNBLUE [EAR FUN] CD & Hey you online music / Blish

online music of 'Hey You' is checked in DOCUMENT(buy statement) of music online shop

In music online shop, with your name written Profile at buy statement is printed


 - CNBLUE is participated all(pre-recorded and on - air stage)

- you are not be able to use other support tool. ONLY BLISH.

- Pre-recorded on the day the people involved FNC_fan staff to proceed 

- The day in the field, BLISH sale, price 8,000 won / 15,000 won.

  (ver.1 8000won / ver.2 15000won)

- pictures, video, recording are prohibited in all the public broadcasting of CNBLUE. If you find, confiscated
- Notice may be revised at a later date.

 Hope Many Boice Join US.

  Thank you.

p/s: hope it's help u ^^

translated by neway
posted by maidmaiden

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