[FANACCOUNT] random encounter with yonghwa, jonghyun and hongki.

The day before the show, my friends and I were on a hunt for the boys.
I was running out of steam since i had barely slept the night before, but something amazing happened!!!

My friend called for me to run upstairs in the lobby, and who else appeared than Yonghwa, Jonghyun alongside Hongki.
I guess they had just gotten back from the gym since they were wearing work-out type clothes. all three were wearing wife-beater tank tops, and jersey pants or sweats (yonghwa) 

Earlier a friend in our group had handed hongki a pig rabbit doll, and when he came back from the gym he was still holding it, so that was cool :3
My friend Tammy approached Yonghwa and asked for a signature, but the manager told him no, so he just apologized and declined her.
not his fault :/

Jonghyun was laughing at Yonghwa for being such a loser and hiding behind Hongki to cover his makeup-less face.
Hyun’s arms were pretty much epic and glorious btw *A*
All of them were sweaty so  you could see it on their skin, and i was just like



Anyway, yong’s hair was like…mom hair L O L. split in the middle and sticking up.
Obviously he hadn’t done any self maintenance since he got up, but he was really adamant about hiding his face from the fans. (I think it’s because he wasnt sure if they were recording or taking pics or something)
Hongki was saying something in korean that I couldnt understand to Jonghyun while they were waiting for the elevator to finally come down, but he had this ridiculous smile on his face LOL. So im guessing it was something like “OMG WHO KNEW WE WERE SO POPULAR!!” lol.

but once the elevator came, hyun and hongki just stepped into it. but yong was still looking away from the crowd and looking at the other elevator, so it took him a second to realize he had to get in the other one, but once he did he ducked down so his hair covered his face.

I giggled because he really did look flawless.

…is my bias showing?

ahh, oh well. lol

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Bonnie Wong said...

It's was me who gave him the pig rabbit (^_^) Remember me? It's me Bonnie. I wish there was pictures of him holding the pig rabbit. I should have tooken a fancam (T_T) Oh well he's so awesome lol I love him to death haha