[Fan Account] Mar.28 Pre-recording of Mcountdown for Mar.29 and Apr.5

All fans who had waited could enter, about 70 people.
Yonghwa and Jungshin were excited since they appeared on the stage. They played tricks on each other.
They danced tap dance. But Jonghyun just smiled looking at them.
Fans wanted Jonghyun dance too, but he never moved.
Jungshin binded his hair. A fan said, "Your hair is beautiful." Then Jungshin said, "Don't I look like ajumma?"
Fans bursted into laughter. Jonghyun scolded him, "You should have done those jokes well at the variety shows!"
Jungshin objected, "I did well at Star King!"

A staff said, "We will start in two minutes!"
Then Yonghwa started counting, "One two three...." After 2 minutes, he shouted "2 minutes have passed!"

After 'Still in love' performance, they got in to change their clothes.
Yonghwa asked to fans, "Will you be here for the next song too?" Then he said so sweetly, "See you again~"
Jungshin asked fans if they had dinner, fans said no. Jungshin felt sorry for that.
Yonghwa kept calling Minhyuk, "Se Gwang-Ah!" So fans called Jonghyun, "Colin!"

Yonghwa and Jungshin crossed eyes, then suddenly started eye-fight.

The 'Ear Fun' title quiz event, 5 winners were invited to the waiting room.
As soon as they got into there, Yonghwa clapped hands and shouted, "Wow congratulations!"
Jungshin complained, "If an event like this were made, at least 15 persons should be chosen. What is 5 persons only?"
Jonghyun signed autograph for them and asked how was the competitive rate.
There was a young middle school girl, Yonghwa hugged her. It was the beginning.
All members hugged all 5 winners one by one.
Jonghyun hugged in very uneasy way, then tapped the fans' back.
One of them brought coffee and cake. She gave coffee to Yonghwa, cake to Minhyuk.
But she forgot to give fork. Later she gave fork to Yonghwa.
Then Yonghwa said, "Thank you. We can't eat anything without fork. The fork is the most important gift."
Jungshin boasted them that he would be a MC.

At the stage for Apr.5, one fan asked Jonghyun to do 'Pooing Pooing'(cute action, rubbing fist on the cheek)
But Jonghyun never moved. That fans kept asking, Jonghyun said, "Jungshin will do it."
The fan said to Jonghyun, "You're so expensive man!" Then Jonghyun smiled so brightly.

One girl at the center of first row was tall. So the camera man asked her to bend down a little.
That girl was shy and almost cried. Yonghwa said to her, "Don't cry."

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