[INFO] Let's Bring CNBLUE to Malaysia!


To all BOICE around the world, especially Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and other countries, do you want the boys to come over here in Malaysia? One of the famous organizer here is planning to bring the boys to Malaysia and we want a little help from you guys!

Help us to spread this news and click ATTENDING to the link below. We are hoping to gather as much fans as we can to make this thing happen! Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart. Love! Love! Love! ^___^

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[VIDEO] Yonghwa & Seohyun (Yongseo Couple) Duet Performance (MBC Version)


BTS Message


Yonghwa : * drinking water * I am very nervous

Seohyun : But still, i think we will do well

Yonghwa : Our preparation time is very short

Seohyun : Yes, our preparation time is very short and time to practice is very little , very worrying but

Yonghwa : Yes, we should be able to do well * drinking water *

Seohyun : 1, 2, 3

Yonghwa & Seohyun : Hwaiting ! :D


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[FANACCOUNT] CNBLUE @ Linkin Park's Concert


[Fan Account] LINKIN PARK at Makuhari Messe Hall, Japan (09.10.2011)

I attended LINKIN PARK’s concert.
CNBLUE performed the Opening Act.
I guess they performed as Warner’s new comer.
I knew there are many negative remarks on CNBLUE from Linkin Park’s fan.
So, I must behave carefully as a CNBLUE fan.
I’m worried about other CNBLUE fans’ behavior too.
I hope after the CNBLUE’s performance, Linkin Park fans will recognize them as a ROCK BAND.

I’m already in Makuhari Messe Hall.
I can see Jonghyun’s Fender & Yonghwa’s black guitar.

Today’s stage has really beautiful light effects!
CNBLUE members seemed to really enjoy the stage!
They started it with ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ followed by ‘Now or Never’. Then, Yonghwa and Jungshin talked about themselves.

Jungshin: “We are Korean alternative Rock Band, CNBLUE! “

Yonghwa: “ にほんご、むじゅかしいですね(it is difficult to speak Japanese), だまだみずく(未熟)なぼくたちですが… (we are unskilled yet..)”

Afterward, they played ‘LOVE’, ‘Intuition’, and ‘Coward’.

Jonghyun: “At 2009 when we lived in Japan, we saw Linkin Park’s (he called ‘LINKIN PARK san’) performed at Summer Sonic, here, here (pointing at the front row area). Here, at the same place. So, today’s stage is like a, dream…dream…DREAM! (Jonghyun said ‘DREAM’ 3 times) I wanna sing more, but we also wanna see LINKIN PARK san’s perform (audiences LOL)!!

Jonghyun: “Next is the last song. ‘Just Please’ & ‘One Time’ (mentioned 2 Title) “

(Then, when ‘OneTime’ starts…)

Yonghwa said: “This is REALLY the last song. “

When ‘OneTime’ starts Yonghwa shouted it & Jonghyun jumped!

Yonghwa’s Japanese is broken (read a paper), Jonghyun speaks Japanese fluently!

Today, Yonghwa shouted “hashire!(run!)” to liven up the audience.

Even though in ‘away*’ stage, Jonghyun made the audience laugh. He must have a strong heart.

I think Jungshin’s playing bass improve much these days.

Yonghwa tried to make the audience sing with them. Yonghwa said “Everybody, say LOVE LOVE LOVE!” during ‘Love’ performance and also during ‘JustPlease’.

I couldn’t see Jonghyun’s face clearly, but he looked like he really enjoyed the stage.

I can’t forget my impression when he was singing ‘Coward’, his voice radiates around the hall!

They sung Eng>Kor>Jap>Eng.

It expressed their individuality very strong.

Twin guitars, twin vocals, twin rappers, Kor/Eng/Jap lyrics, various colorful sound, these are CNBLUE’s charm.

Today they were able to express their charm fully.
It might be ‘away*‘ stage, but they had done very well.
I’m proud of them.
This stage suits them very well.
Who saw them first today would never think, ‘they are idol’.
They are recognized as ROCK Band, I think.

CNBLUE 4 members watched Linkin Park’s performance at the left side area.
They looked very excited… hand clapping, jumping, and so on.
They are just young 4 boys who love Rock music, same as Japanese boys.
I am very happy to see Linkin Park performance with them together.

[O.A. set list] (30 min.)

Let’s go crazy
Now or Never
Just Please
One Time

*‘away’ – used to refer to ‘enemy territory’. Originally, it is a sports term. In Japan, they use it when someone plays at their opponent’s home-ground.

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[NEWS] CNBLUE Successfully Opens Linkin Park’s Concert In Japan!


On September 10th, CNBLUE successfully opened up for Linkin Park‘s Japanese concert at the Makuhari Messe!

Previously, it was reported that Linkin Park had personally asked CNBLUE to perform as their opening act after reviewing their profile. Living up to expectations, the boys delivered a total of seven songs, including “Let’s Go Crazy“, “Now or Never“, “Love“, “Intuition“, “Coward“, “Just Please“, and “One More Time“.

Over 7,000 Japanese fans sang along to each CNBLUE’s songs and were ecstatic to be able to see them perform.

After the concert, the members of CNBLUE stated, “It felt like a dream to be able to open for Linkin Park’s concert. We were a bit nervous performing at the opening in Japan, but there were a lot of people supporting us, which gave us the strength to successfully complete our stage. Overall, it was very fun.”

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[VIDEO] CNBLUE Is The ‘King of Vocal’ Among FTI, Secret, After School & Rainbow!


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[TWITTER] 10.09.2011 FNC Music Japan’s Tweet


【CNBLUE】 Today, LINKIN PARK LIVE was really the best! It’s honor to perform as opening act.

We learning a lot, thank you.

【CNBLUE】 The general tix sale for 『CNBLUE 2nd Album Release Live ~392~』 in Yokohama Arena was SOLD OUT. ThankU for your support !!

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