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今月の27日はにがたRock Festivalにでかけます。







English Translation (Rough Translation)

Long time no see, everyone.
I'm Jonghyun.
Ya~~~ this blog is great~.
3000 people come in a day....
I'm surprised...
This is really great!!!...
When we studied in Japan before
it was impossible!
I'm glad~
I have to make more efforts~
We'll go to Niigata Rock Festival on 27th.
We're looking forward to it too.
And on September 25......
We'll have live concert at Yokohama Arena.
We gradually come on.
I want to hear your voice
At much more places.

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original article @ oricon blog
translated by TAMAGOcnbjnl

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[PHOTO] Heartstrings After Party For Cast & Crews


admin notes :
wargh~ yonghwa with his new hair cut!~ goodbye heartstrings! thank you & congratulations! :)

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[VIDEO] Heartstrings BTS Ending Scene (no sub)


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[PHOTO] Yonghwa's New Hair Cut


admin notes : wow! he looks super young! :)

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[NEWS] CNBLUE at "Music and Beard 2011


CNBLUE will be performing in Music festival in Niigata “Music and Beard 2011“.

On August 27, ”Music and Beard 2011 – Message - ” will be held at Nagaoka, Niigata. They have announced additional act for the music festival.

This music program had already been on broadcast since 2008 on Niigata TV 21 “Music and Beard“, and this event was first held in 1998. This year, the additional performer was announced, popular idol 4-member-band from Korea, CNBLUE was chosen. So far, there are six artists that already been announced as the performers, namely T.M Revolution, Funky Monkey Babys, 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers, NICO Touches the Walls, Miwa and Kishidan. Eikichi Yazawa was last year’s secret artist. Announcement will be made on the date of the event (for this year’s secret artist).

“Music and Beard 2011 – Message -” will be held in an outdoor special stage at Echigo Hillside National Government Park in Nagaoka, Niigata on Saturday, August 27. Tickets are currently selling. Check out the performance details and timetable at the official site.

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sources by ameba
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[PHOTO] Jungshin Visited Yonghwa & Minhyuk @ Heartstrings's Filming


"YH + MH have arrived at the set. JS comes as well. YH is really filming in the rain." (weibo.j-essieip)
"YongHwa+JungShin got off from the car just now. JS was holding the umbrella for YH, but he's walking too slow and YH, while smiling, said he got wet or something like that. So JS kind of jog towards YH, while smiling and looking like he felt sorry about that." (weibo.j-essieip)

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