[NEWS] Heartstrings : Jung Yong Hwa "Without Park Shin Hye, I wouldn't have been able to make the ending song."


Shin Gu (playing the Grandfather) hears of the rumors of Park Shin Hye and Kim Suk Hyun and gets mad.

Lee Jung Hyun (Shin's younger sister) goes to the grandfather and tells him, "I really didn't want to say this but could Lee Kyu Won be seeing Kim Suk Hyun while seeing my brother?"

The grandfather calls Lee Kyu Won, who is practicing at school, and lashes out at her. After hearing that, the performance team comforts her. Then Joon-Hee, having gathered courage, gets on his knees to confess and beg for forgiveness from Kyu Won because of the part he played in the rumor.

Together Lee Shin and Kyu Won goes home to see the Grandfather but he replies, "Today is not the day to listen to my gukak life. Leave." So they get on their knees and try to explain how the rumor came about but he scolds, "After failing the audition, you just played around. You didn't do anything." (Meaning she didn't act properly)

Taking out the sheet music, Shin says, "This is the ending song to the musical. There is some gukak in the middle but I couldn't have done it without Kyu Won."

Grandfather retorts, "Are you just trying to scratch the surface with this? Have you learned nothing from my gugak life talks that we've had? Starting from tomorrow, you will listen to one-hour, every day of Master Lee Dong Jin's gugak life." And with that, his anger subsided.

Also on this broadcast, Jung Yong Hwa showed his romantic side by playing Park Shin Hye a "Comfort Song" at the school broadcast set.

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[LYRICS] Yonghwa 'Comfort Song' Heartsrings


웃어봐 슬퍼하지만 말고
괜찮아 눈물 흘리지 말고
지금 부르는 내 노래가
작은 위로가 되길 바래

웃어봐 아파하지만 말고
괜찮아 세상이 널 힘들게 해도
이 시간이 다 지나가면
모두 다 널 이해할거야

웃어봐 네 곁에 있잖아
사랑해 내 맘이 들리니
누가 뭐래도 널 믿고 있는
내가 함께 있잖아

웃어봐 내 눈을 바라봐
사랑해 널 사랑한(?) 맘은
변하지 않아 내 어깨 기대
잠시만 쉬면 돼


널 믿고 있는 내가 있잖아....

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[VIDEO] Hearstrings Episode 12


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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