[NEWS] Heartstrings to End With 15 Episodes

Heartstrings, MBC Wen-Thur drama will end at episode 15. Lee Dae Yong, the director of drama department in MBC stated during a conversation with Starnews, “After the discussion, Heartstring will be expected to end at episode 15.

Due to the main lead, Park Shinhye’s car accident and her hospitalization , there was a delay of filming . Right after the treatment in hospital, Park Shinhye resumed her filming despite of her pain and sickness. The severe pain resulted in her cancellation of shooting one episode to rest and recover her health.

Episode 8 was replaced by a special episode which was summarized from episode 1 to 7. It is reduced to episode 15 instead of 16 and will air its last episode on the 18th of August.

The concern arose that since the presale of Heartstring to 8 countries including USA, China and Japan was successfully made, the episode will not meet the original contract for overseas broadcast.

In line with this concern, Director Lee explained,”Unlike Korea, each country has the favoured broadcast system which air different parts of drama such as 12-episodes drama or 20-episodes drama. It seems like not much problems will occur for overseas broadcast TV by editing episodes”.

Heartstrings is set in Art University and portrays the youth’s dream, hope and pure first love. New Hallyu star actress Park ShinHye and CNBLUE Jung YongHwa star in heartstrings which attract a lot of attention internationally.

The presale to USA, HongKong, Japan and Philippines proved the popularity of two main leads. “ I can’t stand losing” starring Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun will air after Heartstrings on 24th August.

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[NEWS] CNBLUE’s 2011 BLUESTORM Concert Tickets Immediately SOLD OUT


Tickets to male band, CNBLUE‘s 2011 Asia Tour Concert “BLUESTORM IN SEOUL” were sold shortly after the general ticket sale was opened to public.

According to the ticket agent, Interpark Tickets, the sale was opened at 8PM KST and tickets for the concert at Olympic Hall were sold out for both days 17th and 18th of September respectively.

Due to the high traffic on the online site, especially because of CNBLUE concert tickets sale last night, Interpark Tickets had temporarily experienced slow down and some could not view the page or continue to purchase the tickets that they want.

FNC Music representative informed, “the tickets to the concert were sold out almost at the same time as the online purchase was opened, and we had been receiving calls from fans who could not get the tickets.” Adding on, “CNBLUE has heard about the sold out tickets and that made them want to prepare harder for the concert,” he said.

Last year, CNBLUE has held nationwide tour in both South Korea and Japan, Asia Tour and about 20 other performances of which all have seen sold out tickets in just a short period of time when the ticket sale was opened to public. Their charm as LIVE band performers resulted to this (sold out tickets).

First Korean Concert 2010
Zepp Tour Japan 2010
Feel The Blue 2010
Japan Nationwide Tour 2010
LTTC Singapore 2010

Currently two of CNBLUE members Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk are involved in the filming of MBC drama “Heartstrings”.

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[PHOTO] Holika Holika Fan Event


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[News] Track list for CNBLUE’s Last Indie Album “392″


FNC Music Japan has released the jacket album cover for CNBLUE‘s upcoming album “392″ (pronounced as “san-kyu-two”, or ThankU2) today. There are 11 tracks for this album and three of them are new songs. The track list for “392″ album is as follow:-

The Way part2 ~Ready N Go~
The Way part1 ~one time~
Man in front of the Mirror
Try Again,Smile Again
The Way part3 ~eclipse~
Don’t say good bye
I don’t know why

“392″ will be released on September 1st and it will be CNBLUE’s last album under an indie label. A special concert to commemorate their last indie album, “CNBLUE Last Indie One Man Show LIVE“ will be held at Yokohama Arena on September 25th. “392″ is available on HMV for pre-order.
*note: “3″ is SAN and “9″ is KYU in Japanese. The album is called SAN-KYU 2 or “ThankU2” (Thanks @ktcburning on Twitter for deciphering this)

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[MAGAZINE] CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol 04


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[VIDEO] Heartstrings Museum BTS & Preview Ep 12

Illusion Art Museum Scene BTS

Preview Heartstrings Episode 12

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[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa holds exclusive mini concert for Park Shin Hye


In drama 'Heartstrings, Jung Yonghwa's character Lee Shin will hold a surprise concert to comfort girlfriend Lee Gyu Won (starring Park Shin Hye). Gyu Won is in danger because of the evil schemes Heeju and her mother are plotting against her. To protect Gyu Won and to show his love and care for her, Lee Shin decides to sing his heart out for her at a mini concert.

The surprise concert will feature a 'comfort song' (위로송). The song will create buzz as much as the song Lee Shin used to confess his true feelings to Gyu Won - Jason Mraz's 'Lucky'. It will convey Shin's warm love for Gyu Won in times of difficulty. The concert will be aired in Episode 12 and 13 of the drama.

Staff of the drama says: 'The concert is scripted to fit the progressing plotline of the story. Not only Gyu Won, but all the girls will fall for Jung Yonghwa's handsome performance. Please look forward to the support Lee Shin and Gyu Won show to each other in times of difficulty, and how they protect their love and dreams as part of their growth.'

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